Pringle Of Scotland’s Latest Collection Is Inspired By Princess Grace Of Monaco’s Style And Elegance

Pringle of Scotland’s latest collection is inspired by Princess Grace of Monaco’s style and elegance

Pringle of Scotland Grace Kelly

Luxury knitwear manufacturer, Pringle of Scotland, is channeling the romantic, fairytale elegance of Grace Kelly for their newest archive collection. The collection, eloquently named, Princess Grace: More Than An Image, has been curated by the MA and BA fashion students attending Central Saint Martin University of the Arts in London. Gaining insight into the Princess’ wardrobe was made possible with the help of Nouveau Musée National de Monaco and Princess Caroline, Princess Grace’s daughter. Princess Caroline allowed the students to take a look inside the life of her mother through family photos and videos, many of which showcased the Princess wearing Pringle of Scotland. Two of the most coveted pieces from the new collection, the “Grace” and “Kelly” sweaters, were inspired by Princess Grace’s “Kelly for Brickworks” sweater (in support of her father’s construction company), which she was seen wearing in a family photo provided by Princess Caroline.

Princess Grace: More than an image collection Pringle of Scotland

So as to not be outdone by the glitz and glam of many of the designers headlining London’s Fashion Week, Pringle of Scotland chose a less traditional route, and presented their collection in at Edinburgh’s Signet Library. Pringle’s Chief Operating Officer, Tracy Chapman, explains, “We were concerned that the story behind the Princess Grace Collection would get lost amidst a traditional Fashion Week setting, so we decided that a homecoming to Scotland would do the collection justice.” She continued, “We are staging our first catwalk show here and allowing ourselves time to talk about the collection’s journey from the initial research by the Central Saint Martin’s students to final production at our factory in Hawick.”

Pringle of Scotland Grace Kelly collection

Maintaining exclusivity is a major priority for Pringle of Scotland, as the collection is only being stocked in one retail location per market. Each location will not only house the collection but tell the story behind it through exhibition style merchandising and design. All of the items in the collection are classic, luxe, and essentially a piece of history. See the capsule for yourself here.

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