Nicki Minaj For Kmart

Nicki Minaj for Kmart

Nicki Minaj for Kmart

When most people think of Nicki Minaj, they envision blonde hair, white teeth, rap lyrics, and a generous serving of controversy. However, there’s more to this Barbie look-alike than pouty lips and fierce attitude. For quite some time, Minaj has been talking up her clothing line for Kmart and last week, she turned to Instagram to debut and model her unique pieces made especially for department store.

This isn’t the first time a celebrity has used their status and high followership on social media to promote themselves or a product. Earlier this summer, Beyonce posted a pop art collage on Instagram of herself along with a can of Pepsi, for which she is a spokesperson. Fun and fresh, this photo went out to her 3.2 million followers and connected Pepsi to the face of one of pop’s hottest artists. Similarly, Minaj’s Instagram photos give Kmart fashion credibility by being promoted by a current hip-hop artist and singer who is known for her outlandish style.

Before Minaj, Kmart has been home to several celebrity fashionistas who have debuted clothing lines. Previously, Selena Gomez, television/movie star and singer, launched her Dream Out Loud campaign. Gomez has achieved great success with the casual, affordable pieces designed for the young and trendy consumer. In advancing to a more mature audience, Kmart partnered with Sofia Vergara and debuted a line of sexy shapewear to be worn under the modern femme fatale’s wardrobe. In addition, Vergara has given Kmart her designs for form-fitting dresses and swimwear flattering to curvy body types.

Now, with her Nicki Minaj for Kmart collection, Minaj joins the ranks of budding and established starlets turned designer. In comparison to her predecessors, Minaj has a colorful, kooky sense of personal style. She’s often be seen in outrageous, brightly hued outfits both on the red carpet and on the street. Bubblegum pink is a frequent Minaj favorite; she has used this color to startling effect in her hair, lips and clothing.  Recently, since gaining popularity and stardom, Minaj’s style has made the transition from girlish and circus-inspired to glam and fierce. Notably at the BET Awards 2013, the best female hip-hop artist wore a skin-tight curvaceous gown that oozed dark glamour and elegance.

For her Kmart line, Minaj harnesses her vibrant personal style with vivid pops of pattern and flamboyant color. On her Instagram account Minaj debuted three pieces; a multi-colored track jumpsuit, a baroque styled bodycon dress, and a midriff-bearing, celestial patterned ensemble. Two out of the three pieces expose midriff, and Minaj proves that curvy girls can rock the cropped top by modeling the clothing herself. The one of a kind collection will be available in Kmart stores this fall.

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