Sara Tiara: The Secret To Channel Your Inner Daisy Buchanan

Sara Tiara: The Secret To Channel Your Inner Daisy Buchanan

With glamour and glitz, Sara Tiara’s 20’s inspired hats will take you straight back to the Jazz age!

Sara Tiara Three years ago, Sara Colacicco made a headband out of a gentleman’s tie. This simple creation quickly inspired her to create a line of one of a kind, hand-made hats. Having grown up with a love of beautiful fabrics and vintage objects, Sara decided to create Sara Tiara and use vintage materials to create gorgeous hats for every kind of woman. She designs her creative headpieces with three different women in mind: the free spirit, the heritage lady and the vintage lover.

I think one common bond that all my ladies have is that they are comfortable enough to wear something unique and delighted that every piece is handcrafted and original and will not be copied,” says Sara. “I am my harshest critic as I wouldn’t be able to sell a headpiece unless I liked it enough to wear it.”

Sara Tiara creates headpieces for all occasions. You don’t need to be attending a royal wedding or a polo event to wear one of her beautiful creations. At Sara Tiara, they believe that women shouldn’t restrict themselves to wearing hats only for special occasions.

If you feel like wearing a fancy hat to tea with friends or for any reason then why not,” says Sara. “ It was not so many years ago that a lady would not be seen out of doors without her chapeau, it was considered ‘undressed’. I adore fashion but I sometimes think that it is taken a little too seriously.

This is exactly why Sara Tiara creates hats with a whimsical, fun aesthetic. A lot of their designs are inspired by the art nouveau movement of the 1920s, which is perfectly on-trend with the latest Great Gatsby craze. In fact, many of the trimmings they use are from the 1920s and they often use beadwork from 1920s dresses that are to damaged and fragile to wear. The influence of the newest adaptation of the Great Gatsby “highlights one of my favorite fabrics to work with, but has not influenced my designs,” Sara tells Your Coffee Break. “I have been working with these style headpieces since the beginning.”

Sara and her team of three highly skilled ladies, who not only sew, but who play a part in the designing process, are inspired by antique and vintage materials that they use. At Sara Tiara, they use a lot of brocades, silk velvets, antique lace and tulle, lame and embroidered silk shawls, all of which are vintage. The Sara Tiara creation process differs from most other designers. Around here, they buy the materials first and design the headpieces second.

Sara Tiara Hats

Our designs evolve from what we have at our fingertips rather than the other way round,” Sara explains. “I work with my very talented and creative team of milliners – we are constantly developing new techniques together which will lead on to new ideas and styles.

Sara Tiara’s newest collection features turned up brims, and some pieces that have been inspired by “stylish pirate shapes with a 1940s twist.” And Sara Tiara is constantly evolving. They are currently in the process of launching a high end range for their website. In the future, Sara plans on holding bespoke hat parties at customer’s homes around the country to give ladies the opportunity to have a very personal and affordable service.

Sara Tiara - Great Gatsby collection

I’ll be able to talk through the different shapes and make suggestions. I will be taking my collection of fabrics and trimmings for them to choose from. I will also be encouraging customers to bring their own vintage treasures like jewellery that may have a sentimental memory attached to it, so we can incorporate it into a new couture hat,” states Sara.

Whatever your taste, Sara Tiara will have a headpiece for you. Her designs are quirky and playful, yet appropriate for everyday wear. Her use of vintage materials creates a line of gorgeous chapeaus that even Daisy Buchanan would wear! So for your next outing, be sure to sport a Sara Tiara headpiece to bring some vintage flair into your life!

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