Scaline London: The Fashion Label We Want To Wear From AM To PM!

Scaline London: The Fashion Label We Want To Wear From Am To PM!

Anne-Sophie Koehler Scaline LondonMeet Anne-Sophie Koehler, the savvy business woman behind the luxury fashion label, Scaline London, which she notes as her creative outlet for what she believes to be modern dressing for modern life. “I create understated contemporary pieces with unique finishes to create a collection of clothing that enhances the style or character of the wearer” the London-based designer tells YCB. “It is always at the front of my mind to design a hub of clothing that can seamlessly take the wearer through all stages of the day such as work, lunch, play or travel”.

Not afraid to admit that she grew up creating paper dresses for her dolls, Koehler’s collection features understated and contemporary pieces containing unique finishes and touches that will instantly add a covetable sense of luxury and style to any woman’s wardrobe. Always interested in fashion and design since a young age Koehler, who notes the Frances Jacket, a “Safari meets French Riviera” style summer jacket, as her favorite piece from her collection, describes her go-to office outfit as pink capri trousers. “Vintage pink has always been my favorite color and in these not yet so summery days it adds a bit of sunshine to the daily routine”.

Coming from a German and French background, Koehler opens up to YCB regarding how both cultures have influenced her designs in various ways while providing her creations with a strong foundation. “The French are elegant, sophisticated and well put together and the German [bring] functionality and comfort” she shares with YCB. “These key ideas fused with my experiences of travelling the world and my London lifestyle have given [me] a treasure chest of influences and inspiration”.

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With timeless classic shapes that remain comfortable, refined and chic, Koehler achieves an understated ‘cool’ look while living in London, a city she finds full of inspiration. “I love how people dress individually and [that] style is so diverse”, Koehler tells YCB of London’s style scene. “My favorite thing to do on a Saturday is to go to Broadway Market in London fields. It is very fashion forward, full of creative open minded people”.

Offering versatile investment pieces that provide women with garments of elegance and style, Scaline London is quickly becoming one of fashion’s newest brands that is gaining momentum, attention and support of the fashion world. Describing Scaline London as a label which “encapsulates the modern woman” Anne-Sophie Koehler names Natalie Massenet, the founder of luxury e-commerce site Net-a-Porter, as her ultimate modern-day role model for young women to aspire to. “[Natalie Massenet] believed that luxury fashion and the internet could work together, even when her peers thought she was nuts” the fashion designer tells YCB. “She persevered and believed in herself and [Net-a-Porter] is now one of the world’s largest grossing online fashion powerhouses”.

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Designing for the busy cosmopolitan woman who likes to dress to impress in a subtle manner Anne-Shopie makes sure to create her garments using only the best of materials. With the majority of her fabrics manufactured in Italy this London-based German/French born designer proves that jersey material can be luxurious and comfortable. “I look for anything that is textured and has a nice composition such as silk, wool or cotton”, Koehler, a self-made fashion designer, explains to YCB.

Anne-Sophie Koehler’s advice to aspiring designers? “A good business plan! Not only for potential investors and [your] company but also for yourself – it helps organize [your] thoughts and stay focused!” With a vintage Hermes bag from her mum described to be her most treasured item in her wardrobe, this successful career woman and talented designer is ready to conquer the fashion industry – “after all it is a woman’s world to conquer”!

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