Abingdon Road: Build Your Work Wardrobe With Abingdon Road Styling Services

Build Your Work Wardrobe With Abingdon Road Styling Services

Meet Jennifer Wirth and Rosa Hoskins-Holt the style savvy duo behind London’s Abingdon Road Personal Style Agency. Seeing a niche in the market to help women break out of the negative cycle of wasting money and making poor decisions when it came to their wardrobe Wirth, the founder of Abingdon Road Personal Style Agency and Hoskins-Holt, chief stylist, decided to build a business in which they would assist women in achieving a personal style identity while utilizing the garments they already owned. “I discovered first hand how changing my own style had a positive transformational effect on my confidence and how others viewed me” Wirth shares with YCB. “I wanted to make it easier to find a personal stylist who matched your style personality and the look you want”. Based in London, Abingdon Road has 9 personal stylists on the team, all there to give you exactly what you need – whether that is a complete wardrobe upgrade or a cute outfit for an upcoming business event.

Prior to launching Abingdon Road, which offers two types of services: the in-home Wardrobe Maximiser where a stylist advises the client on what to keep and what to let go of or the in-store shopping sessions, Jennifer Wirth worked in advertising, in which she specialized in nurturing the unique brand identities of major companies from Neutrogena to Virgin Holidays. “I was inspired to start Abingdon Road because I wanted this service for myself” Wirth tells YCB. “I was going through a change in my own life and realized my current wardrobe didn’t reflect the person I was anymore. It was difficult to make the changes to my wardrobe on my own, because I kept choosing the same types of clothes; so I sought out the help of a personal stylist”.

The second half of this fashion-loving duo, Rosa Hoskins-Holt, first began styling a few years ago. “I’d always had a love of fashion and style, and I wanted to turn my passion into a career” Hoskins-Holt comments to YCB. “I love seeing how happy people are when they find a look that really works for them and I can show them multiple ways of wearing it.”

As two career women on the go and firm believers that every woman contains a toolkit to stand out and progress in their careers Wirth and Hoskins-Holt know a thing or two about dressing and styling for the workplace. “Your style should say this is who I am and you can trust me to do an amazing job,” they tell Your Coffee Break. While they name a pristine white blazer, a pointed toe stiletto, a striped dress, a pair of masculine brogues, and statement jewellery as their top choices for what every working lady should have stowed away in her wardrobe they are also firm believers in three fashion DON’TS for the office.; “Never wear any garment, accessory, or shoe that you feel uncomfortable in because your feelings of self-consciousness will impair your performance in the workplace.” Next, we now know to steer away from heels that that we’re unable to properly walk in. “Do go for the killer power heels, but buy the best that you can afford, and make sure the fit is perfect and be realistic about your pain threshold.” Finally, Wirth and Hoskins-Holt are adamant about never hiding your true self when it comes to dressing for the office. “It’s important to express your true self, even if it’s in a subtle, non-obtrusive way, it can be as simple as wearing scarf in your favourite colour. It’ll lift your mood and make you feel your best”.

Abingdon Road - Rosa Hoskins-Holt Lovers of both Florence Welch’s flowing 70’s aesthetic and tailored printed suits and Olivia Palermo’s high street meets designer eclecticism Wirth and Hoskins-Holt note Net-a-Porter, TheOutnet, ASOS, and Three Floor as their go-to online shops and Reiss and Zara has great high street stops when searching for office wear. When asked what designer contains the best office attire Wirth and Hoskins-Holt were quick to note Stella McCartney, Saint Laurent, and Victoria Beckham – who they also named as the business-woman with the best wardrobe. “For tailoring, Stella McCartney’s suits are impeccable and Saint Laurent slim cut black cigarette pants are perfection” Wirth and Hoskins-Holt say as they share their exclusive style insight. “For work to evening dresses, you can’t beat Victoria Beckham; she’s really nailed the modern Audrey Hepburn look.”

Believers that a woman should never buy pieces she can’t wear in more than one way, Jennifer and Rosa stay true to their roots and name London as their favorite fashion capital of the world. “I think it’s because the British love an eccentric; we celebrate the innovation of Vivien Westward and Alexander McQueen, which in turn fosters originality in the new young designers and our thriving street style scene” they share with YCB.

Watch out for this style and career savvy duo as they take the personal styling world by storm in a city whose eclecticism and creativity, they feel, cannot be beat.

For more information and to book your personal stylist today, visit www.abingdonroad.com or call 0208 749 1031 

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