Alexa Chung Favourite VIVETTA Now Exclusively At DiGuardo

Alexa Chung Favourite VIVETTA Now Exclusively At DiGuardo

Alexa Chung has established herself as a relatable style icon for her outfit choices. Yes, we are obsessing over her wardrobe! Drawing on vintage inspiration mixed with an urban outlook, Chung often relies on one of her go-to brands VIVETTA for her fashion fix. Given the brand’s SS13 collection of classic and whimsy designs, this season will be no exception.

You could easily find Miss Alexa in the Clarissa silver silk dress or rocking the adorable Martedi china candy print dress paired with edgier accents, taking this dress to the next level.

The Mina dress encompasses all parts of Chung’s style. The daisies on the dress are true to her everyday look, while the navy blue gives the look a more modern twist.

But if you’re really looking to snag the British It-girl’s look, the most fitting piece from VIVETTA’s Spring/Summer collection is the Charlotte SanGallo dress. The Peter Pan-esque collar may seem quite ordinary at first glance, but when you take a closer look, you’ll see that the collar is actually two hands with red nails. It’s a look that takes guts, but a risk taker like Chung could pull it off, no problem!

The collection is now available at the DiGuardo boutique in Notting Hill. Owned and run by Sicilian Letizia DiGuardo, the boutique features the very best of unique fashion from the US and Europe.

Prices range from £216 to £340. View the entire collection here!

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