Throwback To The 90’s!

The recent return of the quintessential dungarees have confirmed the official new fresh take on 90’s fashion into the 21st century.

90's supermodels

The effortlessly cool and nostalgic mood in the 90’s was backboned by how badly youngsters failed at trying to be anti-fashion but somehow managed to rewrite the rules of aesthetic.

Fast forward to 2013 and we have super models rocking the trend like never before. It has to be said; no one rocks the effortlessly cool look as
well as ‘models off duty’. Let’s take Cara Delevigne for example. Being a 90’s kid, of course she has a fun approach to everything including her sense of style. Usually seen frolicking around fashion weeks in her acid wash denims and high top sneakers, Cara is the ideal 90’s girl! She recently channelled this in a couple of Ad campaigns such as the DKNY x Opening ceremony collaboration and the Dsquared Resort 13 film.

As cool as Miss Delvigne is, the original super models who emerged in the 90’s have a part to play in influencing us as well. Kate Moss, Cindy Crawford and Claudia Schiffer just to name a few were the epitome of 90’s glam and certainly set trends which are still referenced today.

The 90’s consisted of a copious amount of sports and lounge wear turned daywear with which even high end designers have taken inspiration from in recent seasons. Come summer, all we’re going to see are loose shorts, baggy tees, high tops and grunge clothing.

With functionality evidently being the key element of the 90’s we can see why it was such an easily adaptable decade. It has and will continue to be translated in several ways and above all, it was a decade that placed style over status.

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