Are Scrunchies Making A Comeback?

Yes, you read right… Could the humble hair accessory of the ‘80s be the hottest trend for 2013?  Apparently Cara Delevingne thinks so.

scrunchies are making a comeback

The British Fashion Awards’ Model of the Year is joining forces with fellow It Girls Clara Paget and Suki Waterhouse to do the impossible – make scrunchies cool again.

London label My Crazy Scrunchie (otherwise known as MCS by the fashion pack) has called on the models to make a very dramatic Western-themed video, featuring lots of gun-slinging, dirty scoundrels, and an ol’ fashioned scrunchie shoot-out. No, we’re not kidding. See for yourself here:

The scrunchie already has one 21st century fan in Vivienne Westwood, who commissioned customized scrunchies for her Spring 2013 Red Label show. However, we’re not talking about just any plain old scrunchie here. The MCS version is totally luxe, with super-cute lace, silk and tartan embellishments… Not a strip of neon lycra to be seen. Phew.

So, what do you think? Will you be taking a sartorial step back in time and bringing the scrunchie back? We’ve got to admit; it looks pretty good on Cara…

Kimberlee Oo

Kimberlee is an Australian writer who gave up the reality to follow her dreams...Originally from Sydney, now living in Paris. Kimberlee spends her days writing, styling and eating croissants.