It’s A Cashmeracle!

As the days get colder and colder, we all need something to keep us warm. It may be a handsome man, but he’s not always there and some of us are still looking for our ‘prince charming’. Whilst you are waiting for your prince to come, you can always wrap yourself in luxurious cashmere.


Left as clock-wise: 1) Burberry Owl Detail Cashmere Sweater  $1,295 2) Brown Cashmere Auburn Rabbit Fur Hat £165 3) Jimmy Choo platform boot £762 4) Tall Leather Look Skirt  $76 

Kayleigh Mencia

Kayleigh is a twenty-something fashion focused girl, living in New York City. Kayleigh's passions lay in fashion, writing, and traveling. She dreams of one day leaving her mark in the fashion industry. Follow Kayleigh on instagram at Kayls148 to see all her latest adventures in NYC.