Sarah Nettleton Brings Women Lightweight Statement Jewelry

This winter season take your wardrobe up a notch and look to the styles of starlets Olivia Palermo in a yellow peacoat and Blake Lively in brightly-hued chunky necklaces and add a pop of color.


Sarah Nettleton Oceanwaves

Sarah Nettleton’s ‘Oceanwaves’ set from her jewelry collection aMuse Fashions which takes classic styles of jewelry and gives them a modern twist, is the perfect set of statement jewelry to brighten up your winter look this season.

Creating pieces which are new, fun, and colorful while incorporating an influence of classic sculpture, modern art, and nature Nettleton has channeled her New England childhood to design her newest nature-inspired set ‘Oceanwaves’ created of resin waves with crests of silvered bronze.

Nettleton, who has always contained a great interest in modern materials and accessories, but has a low tolerance for heavy earrings and necklaces, began aMuse Fashions as a way to provide women with artistic yet lightweight statement jewelry.

Designing for a woman with a lively lifestyle and who contains a love of art in mind Nettleton took the opportunity to design and create these pieces as a way to figure out what she wanted while doing something she loved.

Whether you are looking to brighten up your favorite button down and skinnies or add a pop of color to your go-to Little Black Dress, Sarah Nettleton’s modern and simple ‘Oceanwaves’ set is the perfect accessory to add that needed pop of color this winter season.

Kayleigh Mencia

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