Refinery29 Launches In The UK

U.S fashion and style website brings its unique online approach to London

Refinery29 UKA cornerstone of fashion, beauty and shopping for a new generation, the award-winning American style website Refinery29 is expanding to the UK next month, providing Londoners with a new, one-stop destination for all things fashionable.

In honor of the website’s first reach out into international territory, Refinery29 teamed up with ASOS to throw a party- something they are calling The Best Night Ever- at Shoreditch Studios on Friday, November 30th.

Refinery29 bills itself as “the only 360 degree source for shopping, exclusive deals, trends, beauty news, local hotspots and at home sneak peeks of fashion’s finest.” This could not be more accurate: since its launch in 2005, the website has established itself as a global style hub and the go-to site for breaking news in the fashion industry.

“With devoted content channels in six other U.S. cities, we couldn’t be more excited to launch our seventh market in London,” says Editor-in-Chief Christene Barberich. “Refinery29’s readers have always looked to the UK’s rich fashion heritage and forward-thinking point of view for inspiration, so it made sense to make our global debut in the British capital.”

Refinery29 Christine Barberich

One of the website’s stand-out features is the newsletter which provides fresh and filtered daily content to readers. With its arrival in the UK, the website promises to be the new digital cornerstone of beauty and emerging fashion for Londoners. The UK edition will have a London-based editorial team and an array of international style contributors that will offer localized style guides, engrossing coverage of all things fashion related, as well as local entertainment and food choices. To a large extent, this distilled information is what makes Refinery29 current and incredibly relevant. The site’s Global Editor Connie Wang stated, “London celebrates so many of the same things that Refinery29 holds dear : exciting new indie designers, a rich fashion history, DIY personal style, and a robust shopping community. It’s the perfect fit!” Just like Refinery29, London is “brave and witty, practical and whimsical, and never takes itself too seriously.”. With that in mind, the website’s UK launch is sure to be a success!

Tatiana Kombo

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