Shopbop’s Former Fashion Director Kate Ciepluch Debuts New Blazer Line

Remaining true to her dressing philosophy, “The outer layer is the finale that communicates your personal style to the world” Kate Ciepluch, Shopbop’s former fashion director, debuts her new blazer line Laveer.

Kate Ciepluch Shopbob

With each jacket cut from herringbone tweeds, tartan plaids, and ombre wools and detailed with bright piping, vintage-feel buttons and trace of leather the 30-year-old fashion director-turned-designer creates her idea of the perfect blazer under her line Laveer named after the nautical term meaning to sail against the wind.


“It’s a reliable piece in a woman’s closet,” Ciepluch says of her reasoning behind creating a collection solely dedicated to jackets and blazers in varying lengths and fits. “Like the perfect accessory, they can pull together any outfit.”


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