Global Takeover: The Asian Giants

With major designers such as Louis Vuitton and Rebecca Minkoff opening up shops in Asia, it is clear that Asia is becoming the forefront of today’s fashion industry.

Asia fashion bloggers

China, specifically, has proven crucial for the fashion industry – especially when it comes to Chinese bloggers whose collaborations with western brands are growing. “Most of the fashion market is looking to reach the Chinese consumer, with many brands opening their first stores in China or making sure their online sites have a Chinese version” IFB reports. “Fashion bloggers have become integral in helping brands reach their target demographics, and understanding the Chinese consumer. This has made many fashion bloggers in China and Hong Kong become more noticed worldwide.”

Fashion Hedonism

China is quickly establishing their own version of “celebrity fashion bloggers” similar to what we see in Europe and the United States. The Hong Kong-based fashion blog Fashion Hedonism’s Christing Chang told IFB “There is definitely an emergence of the ‘celebrity blogger here in Hong Kong and China with many bloggers being photographed at high profile fashion events, and getting plenty of features in the local press. Because the concept is still relatively new to the fashion industry here it is still very difficult to make a full time career out of blogging, but I do believe it is changing and going towards the direction of what fashion blogging has become in the U.S.”

Tokyo Fashion Diaries

With their increasing number of collaborations and growing recognition it is safe to say that Asian fashion blogs such as The Style VoyagerTokyo Fashion Diaries, and Fashion Hedonism are budding into fashion blogger communities similar to those of western culture.

Asian fashion blogger The Style Voyager

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