Ruby+Ed Faux Fur Coats: All Wrapped up for Fall!

This winter, don’t let your awesome new outfit be completely covered under tons of layers and a thick, plain coat. Ruby+Ed solve that problem with their new line of beautifully designed vintage inspired faux fur coats!

Think it’s too cold for that LBD? Nothing goes better with that dress and pretty heals than a fur coat for a really fine, classic style. With a pencil skirt to get to the office, or, pair a coat with jeans for a new contemporary twist.  Remember, fur coats are always in style, so whether you want to exude luxurious Old-Hollywood or an edgier look, these coats will definitely up the ante on any outfit, and add tons of glam while you brave the cold.

Ruby+Ed Faux Fur Coats


Ruby+Ed have designed these stunners in different styles and colors, so get the right one for you. Black, mink, or bear are the gorgeous, classic styles, but if you’re a more daring fashionista, the Jaguar, Ocelet or Siberian Stone will make you standout in any crowd. Here at Your Coffee Break, we’re all coveting a different one so no worries on showing up in the same jacket!

The jackets are stain-lined, have a wide collar, and you can’t tell just from looking, but there are even pockets! You can wrap up in the jacket with the 3 hook fastenings and with a cute chic skirt or dress, you’ll have a fur coat that falls just below the hip for a flirty or fashionable look.

For a long fur coat, you’d want the Siberian Stone or Bear. They practically scream Hollywood with their vintage design. And if you’re looking for something with a hood, there’s the hooded coat in jet and in mink. The hood is large for those cold nights and they’re just as flattering on you as they are hanging up in your closet.

I love the shorter cropped bear fur for its super chic and elegant cut, but I’m also obsessed with the longer, hooded mink coat- it’s totally Madmen! With these in the closet, no worries when it comes the that temperature dropping!

Ruby+Ed Faux Fur Coats


Visit for the sneak preview – but Hurry!!!!!

The A/W 12 Collection will be released online on the 3rd of September. They’re limited, so call ahead (01664 452906) to get your name on the pre-order list!


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