Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon Make Us Wonder, Can You Really be a ‘Little Psychic’?

Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon, two of Hollywood’s biggest stars, have made their debut on Apple TV+’s ‘The Morning Show’, an incredibly powerful series tackling the issues experienced by men and women working within the television industry. However, their inspiring roles aren’t the only things that have got us talking…

In a recent interview, Jennifer and Reese addressed why they’ve been subconsciously dressing alike throughout the show’s series of promotional events. Whilst laughing in light of the revelation, Jennifer fascinatingly said “We’re also a little bit psychic”…

Despite its light-hearted nature, this suggestion has sent fans into a spin! Are our favourite big-screen actresses really gifted, is it even possible to be ‘a little’ psychic? This might be an ability everybody has and after all, if it’s possible to connect with Jen and Reese then we’ll try anything!

Offering some invaluable insight into this mystery, the UK’s Best Loved Psychic, Chris Riley, discusses whether or not you really can be ‘a little psychic’. At the age of just 24-years-old, Chris has already found tremendous success, working with some of the biggest names in showbiz; from Gemma Collins to Marnie Simpson and Mark Ferris, he’s certainly used to mingling with celebs. 

After discovering he had a gift at 11-years-old, when he predicted his family home would be broken into, Chris passionately pursued his psychic abilities, connecting clients with loved ones who had passed. He now discusses whether psychic abilities really are on a spectrum; is it something you’re born with or is mediumship a talent you could unlock?

‘I believe we are all born with an intuition, which is like a gut feeling within us. Your intuition can guide you through situations and events, meaning we’re all a little bit psychic if we listen to our gut. For example, we might think of someone, the phone rings and it’s them… Not everything is coincidence, intuition is a powerful thing.

We are all “one”, connected through energies. Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon were connected to each other by energy for them to choose similar, if not almost identical, clothing for their press appearances. It is most definitely an intuitive thought process that guided them to wear similar outfits throughout their tour, so to a certain extent Jen was telling the truth when she said her and Reese are ‘a little psychic’, without her even realising!

Although, psychic abilities do vary. My gift, for example, has been with me from a young age, so it isn’t something I have to think about. Feelings come naturally to me, a bit like a movie in my mind that I can relay to clients. Rather than relying solely on intuition, I am able to connect with spirits and loved ones who have passed, something that not everyone would necessarily be able to do. Alternatively, some people might not even be aware that they have psychic abilities, or they might underestimate their talents! I loved exploring my spirituality and it’s only by doing this that psychics and mediums can come to recognise the extent of their own abilities. 

It’s quite possible that Jen and Reese, if they chose to explore their intuitions, would find they’re capable of making deeper connections. Essentially, yes, there’s some truth to the suggestion that we can be ‘a little psychic’; some of us are born with more psychic abilities, whilst those who choose to invest time and consideration into their intuitions will hone their abilities, possibly finding that they’re able to make conscious, informed predictions and insights. There are no black and white rules when it comes to being a psychic, these gifts are always fascinatingly unique’.

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