These are the Celebrities You Never Want to be Driving Behind

Celebrities can get away with a lot, especially behind the wheel it seems. Many of them seem to think they are impervious to the consequences of not only the law but also danger when they get behind the wheel of a car because they are famous. To help identify which celebrities are especially badly behaved when it comes to driving Motorpoint, the UK’s leading independent car retailer, analysed recent media stories to build a ‘who’s who’ of the worst celebs behind the wheel. They compiled this rolodex by searching for the phrases “celebrity drink driving”, “celebrity speeding”, “celebrity parking” and “celebrity phone use car” online and seeing which ones celebrity names were associated with them.

The leaders of the pack included Christopher McDonald, Hayley Hasselhoff (daughter of David) and good ol’ standby, Lindsay Lohan. Lohan has even been accused of two hit and run accidents in recent years as well as many DUIs. TV actors that made the cut included Francis Fulford, Nadine Ferguson and Chloe Crowhurst. any DUI cases, check out OUI defense lawyers from Toland Law and for best dui lawyer in orlando see Leppard Law.

Sports stars that need to go back to driving school included Tiger Woods and Wayne Rooney and musicians included Justin Bieber and Fetty Wap. Many of these celebrities are habitually caught speeding, driving while intoxicated and completely disregarding the rules of parking. But when it came to driving while texting the first family of reality television took first place. Of course, we are talking about the Kardashians. Kim, Kylie and Kendall have all been caught texting (and most likely taking selfies)  and driving in the last five years, behind the wheels of their super expensive Range Rovers.  After all, you don’t get millions and millions of Instagram followers if you can’t be taking selfies constantly. Texting while driving in Los Angeles, where the Kardashians are based, could result in a more than £190 fine under Californian law which bans drivers from using their phones to text.

Alison Weatherley, Head of Marketing at Motorpoint, said, “While some might find it entertaining to see celebrities getting into trouble in such ways, there is a serious message behind this research, which is that, celebrity or not, they are breaking the law and potentially putting themselves and others at risk.” She continued, “It’s one thing to follow your favourite celeb through the media but it’s quite another to imitate their habits when behind the wheel. As Wayne Rooney and others can testify – it’s not a price worth paying – no matter how famous you may or may not be.”

After all, don’t forget that Lindsay Lohan went to jail in 2007 after being arrested in Santa Monica, California, on DUI charges for alcohol, possession of cocaine, transporting a narcotic into a custody facility and driving on a suspended license. She was sentenced to 36 months probation, an 18 month-long alcohol education program, 10 days community service and court-ordered rehab at the Cirque Lodge in Utah, and jail time.

Meredith Lepore

Meredith is the former editor in chief of the women's career site, The Grindstone. Her work has appeared in Marie Claire @ Work, The Jane Dough, DailyWorth,, Business Insider and Learnvest. She earned her Masters in Magazine, Newspaper and Online journalism from the Newhouse School at Syracuse University. Meredith resides in New York full time and enjoys reading, jogging, SoulCycle and playing with her small dog, Otis.