Anne Hathaway’s Got Herself A New Stylist, And It’s Not Rachel Zoe

Anne Hathaway’s got herself a new stylist, and it’s not Rachel Zoe

Every now and again a film comes along that has the power to unite an entire country. The entire planet, even. A film that, regardless of whether you had any interest in the subject matter before, you definitely do now. It hasn’t even been released yet but the trailer for Interstellar has already captured the hearts and minds of all Earth-dwellers, somehow mesmerising us with a cosmic power that causes eyes to widen and jaws to drop. Put simply, it just looks epic.

Starring Matthew McConaughey, Jessica Chastain and Anne Hathaway, Interstellar tells the story of a team of astronauts travelling through space and across time in order to find a sustainable habitat for the human race to call home. Directed by Christopher Nolan, Anne Hathaway plays Dr Amelia Brand and, unsurprisingly for a film set in space, spends much of the time in a space suit. Luckily for the fashion conscious among us (and probably for Anne too), the Oscar winning actress was not required to wear said space suit during the film’s press tour. So what did she choose to wear?

In the past Anne has made some stunning red carpet choices. This may have been because in the past Anne was working with stylist supremo Rachel Zoe. Presently, Anne is not working with Rachel Zoe, the two of them having decided to go their separate ways earlier this year… presently Anne is not making such stunning red carpet choices. Now we appreciate that art, as fashion often is, is subjective, but the issue here isn’t that the dresses themselves aren’t that nice, it’s that they don’t flatter Anne. Before the Interstellar press tour began the 31-year-old confided ‘I had to work out to wear that heavy space suit!’, which makes it even more of a shame that for a lot of the tour she chose to cover up her hard work in ill-fitting shapes and bizarre textures.

Anne Hathaway Interstellar press tour

On October 21 Anne Hathaway and Jessica Chastain attended the American Cinematheque Event to support co-star Matthew McConaughey who was being honoured on the night. Wrapped in the cords of an unflattering Christopher Kane dress, we have to wonder if Anne was unwillingly roped in to that decision. Her hair and make up on the other hand were absolutely perfect. Framed by dazzling green drop earrings and a sleek bob her simple eye and red lip looked exquisite.

Interstellar press tour Anne Hathaway

At the New York City premiere a piece from the Rodarte Spring 2015 collection was taken from the catwalk to the red carpet. With an overwhelming muddle of embroidered lace, sequins and Swarovski crystals we hope Anne kept the receipt so it can be taken back to where it came from. Another slightly questionable choice was made for the Washington DC premiere, but we’ll let Anne off for this one because in all fairness on paper in-vogue black mesh, a body con skirt and a fishtail should work. Plus again her sparkling eyes and winning smile just about pulled it round.

Anne Hathaway Interstellar Good Morning America

There was finally a turn up for the books when Anne appeared as a guest on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight show. In a classic Vivienne Westwood LBD and Christian Louboutin heels she looked every inch the leading lady. On a roll, Anne kept it simple again with another sleek monochrome choice for her interview on Good Morning America. Wearing structured silver Wes Gordon for the UK premiere, and a blue Richard Nicoll gown with sumptuous draping for the Hollywood screening, Anne Hathaway proved our original point: the best dresses are those that are perfectly cut to flatter the figure wearing them. No ropes or ruffles required.

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