We’re Obsessed: Taylor Swift’s Sweet Street Style

We’re obsessed: Taylor Swift’s sweet street style

Dollface Taylor Swift exits the gym looking glamorous

Taylor Swift is the queen of epic, heart-wrenching, air grab worthy break up songs, but we suspect she’s finally found a relationship that’ll go the distance. Stepping out in Timberland boots, Taylor clearly knows that a fantastic pair of shoes is the one thing in this world that will never let a girl down.

Taylor Swift in Timberland

The singer has come to be known for her stunningly elegant red carpet looks, as well as her perfect laid-back chic street style, both of which she always completes with her signature red lip. August 6th was no different as she was spotted strolling round New York in a crop top, bright skirt and structured red bag: this is colour clashing at its best. We’re already lusting over this summery ensemble enough as it is, but the real Love Story here is about those boots. Timberland’s Marge Platform Ox are quite possibly one of the most beautifully made pairs of shoes we’ve ever laid our sartorially savvy eyes on.

Every woman needs a pair of shoes that will be with her no matter what, from summer to winter and everywhere in between, ever remaining her trusty companion. The timeless style and colour of Taylor’s Timberlands will work just as well with thick black tights, a cute dress and oversized cardi in the colder months as they do with pastels and prints in the sun. We need a pair now. Yep, now that we’ve spotted these heeled boots, Everything Has Changed.

Taylor’s been a busy woman this week: not only has she been putting together incredible outfits, she’s also been dropping mysterious hints on social media. The first was a video in which she repeatedly pressed an elevator button for the 18th floor, the second a screenshot from her phone showing the time 5.00 with a photo of her cat and a camera in the background, and the third a screengrab from the Yahoo homepage, with ‘this is clue number 3’ in the search bar. Confused? Us too.

Guesses on social media have ranged from the potentially sensible ‘she’s going to drop her new album at 5pm on August 18th’, to the slightly less plausible but infinitely more entertaining ‘she’s got a new song about trying really hard to go to 18th floor on an elevator because at 5pm your cat has a photo shoot’.

Well, whatever it is she’s doing, we’re sure she’ll be doing it with impeccable style and grace.

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