Get The Look: Lucy Watson

Get the Look: Lucy Watson

Made in Chelsea’s Lucy Watson famously burst on to our screens when she demanded ‘why is everybody getting up in my grill?!’, and last week she certainly turned up the heat as she appeared on the show in Twist & Tango’s black Arwen jacket.

Get the look- Lucy Watson

Drained after her ‘will they/won’t they?’ saga with Jamie, Lucy kept herself to herself for a while, and was noticeably absent from social occasions. But last week our favourite reality star was back on the social scene and made sure she wouldn’t go unnoticed in her gorgeous grungy yet girly ensemble. Lucy kept her look monochrome with an oversized t shirt, flat boots and a pair of very cheeky tights.

With Rayban sunnies perched on her head Lucy was obviously trying to remain optimistic about the potential for sun, but ultimately knew the cold would begin to set in (even glamorous Chelsea isn’t immune to the bipolar weather in London!) and so opted for Twist & Tango’s black bomber jacket. With a brockle surface and cuffs around the neckline and sleeve ends the Arwen jacket epitomises the Swedish brand’s core values of fun and simplicity. Like her t shirt, Lucy’s jacket was oversized, but its neat shape ensured her slim frame wasn’t swamped.

Lucy Watson is known for her no-nonsense straight talking (‘your nose ring looks really stupid’, anyone?) But here at Your Coffee Break we love her most for her no-nonsense approach to fashion, and with the recent launch of her own jewellery range, as well as the fact that she’s already the face of a number of high-profile brands, we reckon Lucy is going to be setting the fashion world alight for years to come.

Anouszka Tate

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