Heidi Klum’s Quick Change In ‘Cool Change’

Heidi Klum’s quick change in ‘Cool Change’

For most of us summer still feels like a faraway fantasy, but for celebrities who seemingly live in a perpetual holiday season each day is just yet another chance to flaunt their toned, tanned torsos and impeccable beach style. Last week it was Heidi Klum’s turn to teach us a little something about seaside sophistication as she was spotted strolling the beach in Bahamas wearing Cool Change’s Mykonos India Caftan.

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With its gorgeous v-neck, draped sleeves and sprinkling of sequins the aqua kaftan oozed the kind of casual elegance that facilitates an easy transition from beach frivolities to dinner under the tropical sunset. Importantly for mum of four Heidi, this one piece was easy to throw on and off, allowing her maximum time to swim with dolphins and build sandcastles with her young children. Who said practicality and style don’t mix?

The former Victoria’s Secret model has evidently picked up a number of style tips over her 22 year career as she effortlessly teamed the full length kaftan with an over-sized straw hat and aviator sunglasses. Throughout her time in the Bahamas Heidi was careful to preserve her model good looks by not spending too much time in the sun, and covering up (stunningly!) when she did. The supermodel even managed to match her nails to her kaftan. It’s all in the details, ladies.

We’ll be seeing a lot more of Heidi Klum this year as she returns as a judge on America’s Got Talent. She recently told the press she won’t be swayed by sob stories; judging by the smile on her face as loved ones surrounded her in the Bahamas, Heidi is all about happiness and positivity.

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