Our Favourite Child-Star-Turned-Designer Is Engaged!

Our favourite child-star-turned-fashion-designer is engaged!

Mary Kate Olsen has been publicly dating Olivier Sarkozy, half brother of former French president Nicolas Sarkozy, since May 2012 and despite the age gap, (Olivier, half brother of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy is 17 years her senior); they seem to be very loved up.

The Sarkozy brothers obviously have a soft spot for fabulous women. The stunning supermodel Carla Bruni will become Mary-Kate’s sister-in-law. Just imagine how chic their conversations will be… sigh…

Olsen, who is one half of the renowned fashion house The Row with her sister Ashley, was seen sporting the hefty rock on her finger during Paris Fashion Week. The French sugar daddy splashed out a reported $81,250 on the vintage Cartier engagement ring. A four carat diamond surrounded by single cut sapphire petals. The ring, bought at Sotheby’s jewellery auction, dates back to 1953. Mary-Kate looks too little to function with that bad boy on her finger. We would happily carry it around for her…

Olivimary-Kate (who couldn’t think of a better couple nickname) currently live together in a $6.25 million townhouse in Manhattan. When married, Mary-Kate will become stepmother of two children, 12 year old Julien and 10 year old Margot. Margot is already taller than her new mummy…

Both Olsen sisters have a penchant for older men. Ashley Olsen is currently dating 47 year old director Bennett Miller. Despite having a larger age gap than Mary-Kate and Olivier, at least Ashley doesn’t look like Bennett’s daughter!

With all this engagement excitement and rumours that Mary-Kate wants to be pregnant as soon as possible, it’s only natural for us to daydream about the most perfectly chic French wedding.

MK’s style is chilled and casual so we have no doubt that she would choose a loose, flowing wedding dress. We think the pint-sized fashionista would love these:

Clock-wise from left: Temperley London, Elie Saab, Charlie Brear.

What do you think about the controversial couple tying the knot? Whether you support them or not, that is one invite we are dying to get hold of!

Annabelle Slator

Annabelle is the Fashion Editorial Assistant for Your Coffee Break. She spends most of her time living out of suitcase, running between her university course in Leicester and her fashion future in London.