Behind-The-Scenes Video: Rihanna Talks About Her New Fashion Line For River Island

Rihanna recently discussed her collaboration with River Island in a behind-the-scenes video.

Rihanna's River Island collaboration

The 24 year-old entertainer-slash-designer is filmed in the design studio alongside Adam Selman, co-designer on the River Island line. In the video, RiRi sheds light on the thought process behind this highly-anticipated collection.

Rihanna is straightforward about her love of British street style, stating: “British high-streets have the most fashionable kids and people….. I feel like the high end designers are inspired by these kids.” So, in order to stay ahead of the trend, she decided to go to the source, Rihanna explains. “This has been something I’ve wanted to do ever since I started loving fashion…. Everytime I saw something on a rack I wanted to do something to it to change it, so I felt that only way I could do that was by designing something perfect for me.”

The girl Rihanna had in mind when designing was a sassy young woman, though the line will feature a range of different styles and represent various attitudes, reflecting the singer’s own changing moods. From casual to chic to flirty, the collection aims to fit every body type. “I wanted there to be character within the clothes, but without it trying too hard. It’s just simple,” she says. The collection will be unveiled on February 16th, and will be hitting stores on March 5th.

See the video here:

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