Rosamund Pike: Ex-Bond Girl And Oxford Gem

Looking casual and laid back at the Madrid premiere of his latest film Jack Reacher, Tom Cruise made sure his English actress co-star, Rosamund Pike, was in the limelight.

The leggy blonde bombshell towered over Cruise all dolled up in a gold embroidered jersey dress and Christian Louboutin heels.

Rosamund Pike

You may remember her as the bond girl in Die Another Day alongside Pierce Brosnan. But as one of England’s most capable high-end actresses, Rosamund Pike has already racked up some major roles in Pride & Prejudice with Keira Knightley, The Libertine with Johnny Depp, and Fracture with Ryan Gosling.

Rosamund Pike

Miss Rosamund has not only proved herself to be a talented actress but is also a cellist, pianist, speaks German, French and English and is the only child of two opera singers. Not to mention she graduated from Oxford University’s Wadham College, with Magnum Cum Laude and a degree in English literature. Ummm…okay Rosamund, we get it.

Her new film Jack Reacher, is based on the best-selling novel “One Shot” where Pike plays an idealistic lawyer struggling to defend a suspected mass murderer. Pike says that she and Cruise “wanted this incredibly sort of chemical thing between a man and a woman where they might have had a love affair, but they’re never going to because the plot keeps getting in the way.” Despite the height difference, it will be interesting to see if these co-stars were able to set fire to their onscreen romance.

Rosamund Pike

Despite her credentials looking utterly ritzy and high-class on paper, in the past Pike has described herself as being misunderstood for this very reason. In an interview she revealed, “No one’s ever really “got” me.” When I go on dates, men somehow feel they have to take me to the finest restaurants, when in fact one of the most magical nights of my life was spent roller-blading through the deserted streets of London at 3 am.”

When it comes to her off-screen love life timeline, we’ve already got the gritty details: while at Oxford, Pike had a two-year relationship with actor Simon Woods. She was engaged in 2007 to film director Joe Wright, but he called off the wedding in 2008. In May 2012, she gave birth to her first child, a son, Solo. The father is Robie Uniacke, a businessman 16 years Pike’s senior.

“I’d love to say I was the kind of person who has an outline. But the only outline I have is that I want to carry on doing this all my life,” Pike said.

As acting being the passion of this bright screen queen’s life, she continues to impress us with her wit and gorgeous figure. And maybe also her instrumental abilities as well as the fact that she is trilingual. Rosamund Pike is without a doubt, an “it” girl worth talking about.

Bryana Nugent

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