5 of the Best Sun-Soaked Destinations For Teaching Overseas

Jetting off, seeing the world, chasing the sun… and getting paid for it? Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Teaching English has become one of the most popular and lucrative job opportunities for digital nomads and travel enthusiasts across the globe, allowing them to embrace a life of permanent summers abroad. These jobs not only allow individuals to slowly travel across the world, experiencing all that their favourite sun-soaked destinations have to offer, but also enrich the lives of the local communities they visit. From desert playgrounds to picturesque Mediterranean climates, join us at Your Coffee Break Magazine as we delve into some of the best destinations for teaching overseas for sun-chasers everywhere!

What You Need To Teach English Abroad 

Before you pack up your sunscreen and flip-flops, it’s worth sparing a couple of lines on what is required for you to teach English abroad. Whilst different destinations and job opportunities come with their own set of requirements for applicants, most positions will ask for the following: 

  • A valid passport
  • A clean criminal/health record
  • A Bachelor’s degree
  • A TEFL/TESOL certificate


Spain is the second-most visited country in Europe, and Spain’s stunning Mediterranean climate has made it one of the most enticing work environments for hundreds of TEFL teachers around the world. From Calo des Moro to Catalonia, Spain possesses some of the most jaw-dropping destinations anywhere in the world, and its stellar approach to work-life balance not only makes the country one of the most accessible for teaching abroad but also one of the most enjoyable. It’s not always easy to find properties for sale in estepona on the costa del sol but on our list you will find a selection of hot properties in the southern Spain.

As you might expect, the biggest Spanish cities of Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, and Valencia are all the most popular spots to begin teaching English in Spain due to the abundance of job postings for those with TEFL certification located in these regions. Government-funded language assistant programs are how most nomads can bag a teaching job in Spain, with the likes of the NALCAP, BEDA, and Meddeas programs all providing native speakers with a monthly salary of around €800-€1,000 ($870-$1,100). Working hours on these contracts are typically part-time, averaging around 12-16 hours per week, meaning there’ll be plenty of opportunities to find some spare time to escape, hit the streets, or soak in some sunshine!


Thailand is one of the original destinations for gap-year students, wellness-centered nomads, and TEFL graduates, all of whom flock to the Land of Smiles to sample a taste of the country’s friendly locals, laid-back lifestyle, blend of cultures, and, of course, stunning tropical climate! Thailand boasts thousands of miles of some of the most beautiful beaches in all of Southeast Asia, as well as some of the most lucrative opportunities for making money while experiencing the full array of the country’s culture in a way no summer tour could ever hope to match.

The most popular destinations for TEFL teachers in Thailand are typically located in the bigger cities of Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Phuket. However, the abundance of nomads and ex-pats in the country has led to an increase in coworking spaces and fast internet speeds, which means your teaching career can follow you across the country through tutoring online. Salaries for teaching in Thailand typically range from ฿30,000 ($870) for newly qualified applicants to ฿100,000 ($3,000) for those who can bag the more lucrative positions of tutoring privately.

Whilst those numbers might not sound as jaw-dropping as others on this list, Thailand’s cost of living provides ample opportunities for saving; the average cost of living for one person across one month is estimated to be ฿20,000 ($570). With some positions also including accommodation and health insurance in their additional benefits, Thailand remains one of the most affordable destinations for sun-chasers to unwind and soak in a stunning new culture.


Morocco offers a fascinating blend of European, African, and Middle Eastern influences. Cascading across the Western Sahara desert, it is the perfect destination for outdoor activity junkies with everything from dune safaris in jeeps, camel rides through the Atlas mountains to hot air balloon tours over Marrakech, all capitalizing on the country’s stunning natural climate.

Arabic and Berber are the two official languages of Morocco, and French remains widely spoken across the country. Nevertheless, proficiency in foreign languages such as Spanish and English remains highly sought after by the government, which is great news for TEFL teachers looking for positions in North Africa! Private language academies, universities, and state schools all hire native English speakers, with a Bachelor’s degree and an accredited TEFL certificate also being required to be considered for a position.

Marrakesh is the most popular destination for these jobs, boasting an expansive expat community that should help minimise the risk of culture shock for anyone moving to a more conservative culture such as Morocco’s. Casablanca is a viable alternative to begin looking for teaching positions, though the cost of living here is noticeably higher, while other cities such as Rabat, Mohammedia, and Irfane are all also popular.

United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is not only one of the most sun-soaked destinations for teaching English abroad, but it’s also one of the most lucrative! A land where ancient deserts collide with futuristic achievements, the UAE is a hub for globetrotters. 90% of its population are foreign nationals, and the ever-increasing business and tourist links between the country and the wider world have meant that English proficiency has become a seriously coveted commodity across all age levels.

One of the best benefits of teaching English in the United Arab Emirates is that salaries are exempt from taxes! Salaries in language and public schools range from AED 12,000 – AED 18,000 ($3,300 – $5,000 USD), making them some of the most competitive in the TEFL industry, and there are a slew of benefits that come with teaching in the country that help teachers save even further. Common benefits for teaching jobs in the UAE include paid accommodation for the duration of a contract, flight reimbursement, free health insurance, and other performance-based bonus incentives!

With these lucrative salaries and benefits, however, come added expectations from employers. An accredited TEFL certification from a trusted provider such as The TEFL Academy is a must-have, as is a degree in education. Prior teaching experience is also generally preferred.


Vietnam is a country that spans 1,650 km, meaning that its climate can vary quite substantially (it’s even been known to snow in some parts!) It’s also a tropical climate, where the wet season lasts between May and early November. Nevertheless, rainfall in Vietnam tends to come in short bursts rather than long downpours, and the temperature across the country generally stays nice and high throughout most of the year. Like Thailand, the stunning tropical climate is one of the biggest reasons behind Vietnam’s popularity as a TEFL destination for nomads.

From the beaches to the hot springs, the clear waters and lush nature reserves make for the perfect setting to teach English, and the abundance of job opportunities coupled with a low cost of living provides some of the ideal circumstances for saving money as you experience one of the most magical countries on the planet.

Teaching jobs in Vietnam typically come with a salary of ₫23 million – ₫45 million ($1,000 – $2000) a month against a monthly cost of living of around ₫11 million ($470) before rent. TEFL positions in Vietnam are also amongst the most accessible for newcomers and less-experienced teachers, usually only requiring a TEFL certificate and a passionate approach to teaching!

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