70% of Workers Call for Regulations in Relation to AI

In recent months, AI has been a constant topic in the news, with many raising concerns while others see advantages. In fact, searches for ‘AI in the workplace’ have gone up by +680%! But how do workers really feel about incorporating artificial intelligence into their daily tasks?

From chatbots, to smart homes, to virtual assistants such as Alexa, artificial intelligence (AI) has found its way into various aspects of our daily lives, including content creation, art, and music. However, AI in the workplace remains a significant area of opportunity within many industries.

GoTo conducted a report on the impact of AI within the workplace and society. The report included a survey sent to industry professionals to shed light on how businesses and employees are being impacted by the introduction of AI.

The report found that 56% of respondents expressed trust in AI technology but stated they would manually fact-check the information provided for safety. Only 10% indicated distrust in the information generated by AI systems.

42% of workers believe AI will be a good time management tool

The findings reveal that a significant majority of respondents are enthusiastic about the positive changes AI will bring to their daily work tasks.

According to the report, 47% of workers expressed excitement that AI can effectively solve smaller tasks, thereby freeing up time to concentrate on more complex tasks. Additionally, the report found that 45% of respondents believe that AI can enhance their job efficiency.

The table below reveals the top benefits workers believe AI will bring to their daily work:

What benefits workers feel AI will bring to their day jobs:% of AI users who are excited about this task at work:
AI can solve smaller tasks, while I focus on more complex tasks47%
AI can help me be more efficient at my job45%
AI can help me manage my time at work better42%
AI can help companies that work remotely36%
AI can help me better serve my customers and/or employees35%
AI can help inclusivity in the workplace26%

70% of workers believe AI could be incorporated into their jobs

The report by GoTo also revealed public opinions on AI, and whether they agreed or disagreed with statements.

Among industry professionals, 71% believe AI can improve productivity and are confident that it could be incorporated into their jobs. The full findings can be found below:

Workers Opinions on AI% of AI users who agree:
I have a good understanding of AI and the tools that are available to me64%
I have a basic knowledge of privacy and copyright laws around AI57%
I am confident that AI could be incorporated into my job70%
I believe AI should be regulated70%
I believe AI can improve productivity71%
I believe AI is a positive thing65%
I believe AI is going to be critical in the modern-day workplace70%
I believe AI will help companies solve their challenges67%
I believe AI will make the world a better place58%
I believe AI will make the world a more inclusive place55%
I am aware of my company’s policies regarding the use of AI67%

On May 16th, 2023, the U.S. Senate held a hearing on whether and how (if possible) they should regulate the likes of chatbots with a focus on ChatGPT. While AI is currently not being regulated, 70% of workers believe that software and technology should be regulated.

The survey also found that 57% believe they have a basic knowledge of privacy and copyright laws around AI.

More information can be found on site: https://www.goto.com/it-management/resolve/global-ai-report

Charlotte Giver

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