10 Ways to Make Money From Your Sofa

The days of having to leave the house to earn money are over. There are many ways to make money from the comfort of your home. And you don’t need a home office to work from either – you can earn a living from your couch.

The following post lists a few prime examples of jobs you can work from your sofa and how to pursue them.


Copywriting involves writing various forms of written ‘copy’ or content for clients. It primarily includes blog posts, emails, landing page content, press releases, news articles and leaflets. All you need is a laptop and working internet connection and you can pretty much work from anywhere.

If you enjoy writing, this could be a great career to look into. Having English or writing-related qualifications and experience could be advantageous when applying for company roles or jobs via an agency, however there are some freelance jobs and entry-level positions that may not require this. 


Another option for avid writers could be to start your own blog. This could be centred around any theme you fancy from fashion to travel. A few popular blog platforms include WordPress, Blogger, Medium and Wix.

How do you make money from a blog? First, you need to grow an audience. You can then start to make money through ad revenue by getting clicks on ads on your blog. There’s also the option of accepting sponsored content – which can pay well if you’re an expert within a specific niche. 

Graphic design

Graphic design is another job you can do from your sofa with nothing more than a laptop and internet connection. This could include designing logos, flyers, posters, online adverts, infographics, animations and various other commercial illustrations. 

You can get a job as a graphic designer by going freelance or by working for a single company. Having qualifications in graphic design can be beneficial in most cases, and you’ll probably want to make sure that you’ve got the right software. 

Web development

It’s also possible to develop websites for clients from your couch. This could include designing websites from scratch using coding knowledge or using website builders like Wix, Squarespace and Shopify.

You can get a job working for a web design agency, or become a freelance website developer. Designing websites from scratch will earn you more money, but also require programming skills and more time dedicated per client. 


Working as an accountant doesn’t have to involve working in an office for a firm. Many firms now offer remote positions. Alternatively, you can become a freelance accountant, or even start your own firm. If you’re good with numbers and understand finance, this could be a great job to look into. 

You’ll typically need qualifications in maths or accountancy to become an accountant. You’ll find many entry level vacancies on job ad boards online. Some firms may require you to work in the office at first before allowing you to work remotely.

Virtual assistant

Virtual assistants carry out all kinds of duties for companies, all of which can be done remotely from your sofa. Duties may include answering the phone/making phone calls, replying to emails, handling virtual chats with customers and handling various digital errands.

You could be hired by a single company or you could work freelance carrying out tasks for various companies. Having previous work experience in admin or receptionist duties could help when applying for roles, but may not be necessary.

Online tutoring

Is there a subject you’re knowledgeable enough to teach? A career as an online tutor could be worth looking into. Online tutors communicate with students via Zoom. This could include one-on-one lessons or classes. Your subject could be something academic like Maths, it could be a foreign language, or it could be a more general skill like singing or playing an instrument – it’s up to you what you choose.

Having qualifications in your chosen subject could help your credibility in most cases. There are sites that you can use that help connect tutors to students. Consider exploring a few of these sites to help find clients.

Selling crafts

Many craft hobbies can be carried out from one’s sofa including jewellery making, knitting, embroidery and paper craft. Many of these craft hobbies could be possible to make money from by crafting creations to sell online

Sites like Etsy are popular for selling crafts through. You can make these crafts at your own pace and price them how you want (the more advanced your creations are, the higher you can price them). You could also consider creating your own website for selling items through. A courier can be paid to pick these items up and take them to your customers. 

Couch testing

Couch testing could possibly be the most chilled out job in the UK. You essentially get paid to sit on a sofa and then write a review detailing how comfortable you find it to be. After you’ve submitted your review, you then get to keep the sofa for free. It’s a job with lots of perks!

Of course, these types of jobs don’t come around very often – and when they do they get a lot of applications. Because of this, you need to be on the lookout for adverts online. Having some experience reviewing products (particularly furniture) could help your application to get chosen.

Answering surveys

There are many ways in which you can make money by answering surveys. While you typically don’t earn a lot per survey, it can be a handy form of supplementary income for which you need no qualifications. And you can carry out these surveys from anywhere. 

Paid survey sites contain multiple surveys that you can choose from. Some of these may involve watching videos or playing games first, while others are more general. Many companies meanwhile offer customer reward programs for answering regular surveys – which can include cash rewards. In other cases, you may even be randomly chosen to complete surveys. 

Tatiana Rehmova

A glass half-full kind of a girl and a believer that everything happens for a reason, Tatiana works in Media Relations and is the Content Producer. She loves writing, spotting inspiring stories, and building meaningful relationships.