Big Business, Small Office: How Outsourcing is Changing the Workplace

Businesses across the UK are outsourcing elements of their company to remote offices, but why? This new trend shows no signs of stopping and is changing workplaces everywhere.

Here we are going to take a quick look at outsourcing to find out more, and why so many businesses are now turning to outsourcing, rather than recruitment and expansion.

What Can Be Outsourced?

Businesses big and small are finding out that many different parts of their business can be outsourced to dedicated teams of professionals who are reliable and capable and can take care of business for them.

Human resources, accounting, and IT are the most popular outsourcing choices for most companies, though reception services and even customer care are finding their way into the outsourcing space. IT support and service are probably the number one choice. This is an extremely technical field that requires a lot of expertise and knowledge to do properly, and IT tech is evolving all the time making it hard to keep up.

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Why Has Outsourcing Become Popular?

During the global pandemic of 2020, many things in the world changed forever. One of the biggest impacts the spread of Covid-19 had was on business. Many had to shut up shop without knowing if or when they would reopen, and millions of people found themselves working remotely from home.

This changed the way many businesses saw themselves and their working practice, seeing the benefit of having remote workers. Outsourcing was already in full swing when the pandemic hit, but saw a huge boost in interest when lockdowns began to end and businesses began to reopen. Relying on off-site office staff had become commonplace, and many companies wanted it to continue after experiencing the benefits for themselves.

Now outsourcing is becoming the norm, with many businesses seeing it as a way to protect themselves against future pandemics or shutdowns. With less staff and smaller overheads, businesses are more flexible and can react to events outside of their control.

What Is The Key Advantage Of Outsourcing?

The biggest advantage of outsourcing is cost cutting. The biggest cost to any business is labour, whether on the shop floor, on a production line, or in an office. This is especially true of departments like accounting, human resources, and IT support; the three most popular outsourcing targets.

These all require a skilled and qualified labour force that though crucial, does not generate income for the business. By outsourcing these departments, businesses can remove a costly element of their company overnight, without suffering a loss in efficiency or quality. 

It is easy to see the attraction of outsourcing for businesses big and small. Lower costs, better service, and increased customer satisfaction are just the beginning of all the benefits outsourcing has to offer any company.

Sophia Anderson

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