9 Reasons Why You Should Accept a Temp Role

If you’re in-between jobs, a student or looking for a short-term role, temporary work may be an excellent opportunity. There are abundant benefits of temping, especially for job seekers looking to get their foot in the door of a large company. Here, we share some key benefits of temporary work and why a temp position can provide a fantastic foundation for career growth.

Develop New Skills and Experience

Temp roles enable workers to gain experience within a potentially new field and develop a range of skills. Being faced with new people, workplace culture, and new tasks allow temporary workers to adapt and learn information that they can transfer to a variety of industries. For example, temporary employment within an office environment can develop administration, IT and communication skills which can then be utilised within other job roles later down the line.

Upgrade CV 

One of the best reasons to accept a temp role is that it instantly upgrades a CV. Experience is often one of the top things that hiring managers look for, especially as many job seekers have similar academic backgrounds. To stand out from the crowd, gaining skills and experience within temporary work offers the chance for people to showcase their abilities, particularly when searching for a permanent position.

Good For Networking

Temp work is ideal for growing your network. It helps you make contacts within your desired industry. Suppose you’re looking for a career in a specific area. A temporary opportunity may reward you by connecting with people who work in human resources or a contact who can refer you to a permanent job within an organisation.

Can Turn Into A Permanent Job

One of the key reasons to take a temp job is that it provides the opportunity for full-time, permanent work. Many companies hire temporary employees as a trial basis for permanent roles. Additionally, temp workers who impress their bosses during their temp roles are more likely to be considered for permanent positions.

Temporary employees can also try out a role to determine the right fit. Like any job, there are pros and cons of temp roles, so you’re not guaranteed to be offered permanent employment. However, if you accept a temporary position, keep in mind that the pros and cons tend to balance each other out, and temporary jobs are a great way to discover your real passion in life.

Can Increase Confidence 

Temporary roles can be a significant confidence boost for people looking to get out of their comfort zone and try something new. There’s the opportunity to meet various people and become involved in new experiences that grow your character. While starting a new job is always daunting at first, you can take things in your stride and make an everlasting impression on your co-workers and hiring managers after a while. 


Whether you’re in the middle of a job search for full-time positions or simply wanting to earn some extra cash, temporary jobs provide optimal flexibility to allow you to be in control of your lifestyle. You can fit temporary work around studying, raising a family or searching for long-term work. As there’s no notice period, you can quickly line up a new role once you’ve completed your temporary contract. This means you can fulfil your desires and assess your next career move.

Less Competition

As the world of work evolves, businesses have an ever-increasing need to hire temporary employees. Many organisations are hungry for skilled workers on temp contracts, so there’s less competition than permanent roles. If you’re available to take on a contract at short notice, you will likely find several high-paying temp jobs that could lead to further work later.

Discover New Interests

Temporary employment may provide the chance to try new things, such as managing social media accounts, designing documents or something equally as creative. Temp work can often lead to that ‘lightbulb’ moment when employees realise their true calling. It can also help uncover hidden talents they may not have considered. Either way, taking a temporary job can open a whole new world of interests for an employee.

Evolving Perceptions

Temporary work no longer has the stigma attached to it that it has done in previous years. With companies’ needs changing and more people looking for a healthy work-life balance, a wealth of highly skilled temp workers meet the requirements of professional businesses that must adapt quickly to a shifting work environment.

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