Simple Ways to Make Your Home Office More Relaxing

Working in a relaxed environment can increase job satisfaction and reduce stress, according to Windfall. Sky News reports that 36% of British adults currently work from home at least once per week. It can be difficult to relax in your home office when you’re surrounded by the hustle and bustle of normal daily life. But, this guide will show you how to make your home office as relaxing as possible so you benefit from a better working life.

Re-decorate your home office

Guest rooms are the most commonly used rooms as a home office, states Fixr. Dining rooms and bedrooms are also frequently used. Whichever room you’re using, make sure you decorate it in relaxing colours as this will improve your mood when you’re working. Pale blue, blush, soft green, cream, and lilac are nice relaxing colours to paint the walls. You can add some calming decor, too, such as soft mood lighting and pieces of art on the wall. Move your workstation to the centre of the room, if you can. This will give you more space and reduce the feeling of claustrophobia. Otherwise, opt for the centre of a wall as this will open up your working space. Invest in wicker trunks and other storage options to help you keep your files in order and out of the way. This will allow you to keep your space decluttered but keep what you need close by for easy access.

Play relaxing music

85% of workers say they like to listen to music while they work. More than 70% of people say music makes them more productive. But, not all music is good when you want a relaxing home office. Reggae, classical, and jazz all have calming effects, according to scientific studies, so it’s best to choose these as your home office’s background noise. You can play music in your home office via your computer or laptop, but if you don’t want to clog up your work computer with your favourite tunes, consider using a wireless connection to play songs. A Bluetooth speaker can be linked up to your smartphone. They’re usually portable, too, so you can use them elsewhere in your home when you’ve finished your work for the day.

Improve the air quality

47% of UK homes have poor indoor air quality, reports Global Action Plan. The quality of the air in your home office can impact your mental health and mood. It can also cause symptoms such as itchy eyes, sore throat, and coughing, which will make you feel uptight. Stay relaxed in your home office by opening your office windows frequently, using an air purifier, putting on a dehumidifier, and cleaning regularly with eco-friendly products. Removing dust will remove chemicals from your home office, allowing you to breathe good quality, clean air. If you do decide to paint the walls of your home office, as recommended, choose chemical-free paint, to keep the air clean and pleasant to breathe in.

A relaxing home office is the key to a great home working environment that you’ll want to work in day after day. Simple things such as decluttering, locking yourself away, and re-organizing will help you achieve this, along with the tips mentioned above.

Sophia Anderson

Sophia Anderson is a blogger and a freelance writer. She is passionate about covering topics on money, business, careers, self-improvement, motivation and others. She believes in the driving force of positive attitude and constant development.