A New and Novel Approach to Coaching, Using Illustration to Bring Your World to Life

Illustrated Coaching is a unique combination of transformational business coaching and visual storytelling. 

Having someone on your side, encouraging you, helping you understand yourself, and challenging you to grow and develop is good for your business and personal life. But coaches are everywhere these days. You need to find someone with a unique approach that isn’t just replicating a way of working that everyone does.


Because you’re an individual, and everyone operates differently. 

With Illustrated Coaching the key themes arising from the coaching conversation – the metaphors and symbols, the dream images and ideas – are captured pictorially.   

These images bypass rational thinking, making the unseen seen, creating fresh insight into behaviour patterns and beliefs.

They encourage richer self-reflection, enhance clarity of purpose and reveal hidden potential. 

Themes and associated images are explored in a talking session as the building blocks of the Illustrated Coaching process. They are then loosely incorporated into the first draft of a digital illustration. The draft is shared and the process continues co-creatively. As the illustration evolves, its meaning and significance emerges.   

Using visual language instead of a verbal one disrupts habitual beliefs and ways of thinking. We literally see things differently, understand things from a different perspective and notice different options.

Unexpected connections emerge, ‘aha’ moments of self-discovery. All of which can help to identify new paths and passions, enable ways of thinking and feeling that had not occurred before, and enhance wellbeing. 

For some, it’s an opportunity to uncover patterns of thinking and to approach professional and personal challenges with a fresh, creative perspective. For others, it’s a fun and intuitive way of finding meaning in the random, like looking at inkblots or tea leaves.  

Behind Illustrated Coaching is Meirion Jones, an experienced business coach, corporate trainer and illustrator. He trained as an illustrator before moving into marketing consultancy, followed by a series of senior in-house strategy and planning roles. Now a certified coach, he delivers high-impact experiential training programmes to large commercial organisations, focusing on leadership, creativity and teamwork. Illustrated Coaching combines his passion for creative self-expression with transformational coaching and personal development. 

Whether you’re a business person looking to develop yourself personally and professionally in a way that moves away from the usual corporate processes, a creative looking for coaching that speaks to you, or an organisation seeking to support your employees and boost productivity and performance through new and novel ways, Illustrated Coaching is a way to transform your world. 

Rachel Bartee

Rachel Bartee is a blogger and freelance writer dreaming of a tour round the world to write a story of her greatest life adventure. For the time being, she feels inspired by her daily yoga sessions and studies Interpersonal Relationships.