How to Streamline Your Employee Training Process with a Learning Experience Platform

Unfortunately, many businesses can face problems with their training process. They use outdated manuals and struggle to secure funding for their employees’ high-quality training. Luckily, that can all change with the help of a learning experience platform (LXP).

An LXP is a digital learning tool that aims to create personalised online learning systems for your employees. It can offer your company and employees several fantastic benefits. This article will discuss four ways an LXP can help you streamline your employee training process.

Create An Open System

An LXP has many great benefits, but one that stands out is that they are an open system. This means that your employees, line managers and other like-minded people associated with your company can publish content onto the platform and share any knowledge that may be of use. Not only does this mean that a broader range of learning materials become available, but it also means that the content is regularly up to date.

Giving your employees more control over their training can encourage them to stay engaged. This is because they can use materials that they find the most helpful. Employee engagement can often become an issue for most companies regarding training. Luckily, an LXP is a varied platform that can help you overcome this. If employee engagement is something you struggle with, turn to the internet for some advice, as there are plenty of top tips out there.

Cater For Different Styles Of Learning

One of the problems with training is that each employee will favour different learning styles. For example, it is highly unlikely that all of your team enjoy learning from watching webinars. Others may prefer to read resources or engage in interactive videos. This is one of the many great benefits of an LXP. Using this platform allows you to cater for different styles of learning. This can also make the process of training a lot more enjoyable for your team.

Unlike a learning management system (LMS) with pre-determined learning content, an LXP gives the learner choice. They have the opportunity to choose their own learning materials. The learner is able to go down different paths of learning rather than following one set structure. For more information about LXP visit the imc website to help you find a learning system that meets your business needs.

Add Technology To Stimulate The Mind

Sitting down and filling out endless training paperwork can soon grow tiresome for your employees. There is nothing there that will excite them and encourage them to stay engaged. Document-filling and box-ticking exercises become tedious tasks that everyone wants to avoid. Therefore, by adding technology to your training process, through the use of an LXP, you can help stimulate the minds of your team.

Technology allows you to incorporate numerous pieces of digital media into your online learning from interactive videos to audio clips to keep people engaged. It also helps your company, keep up with the fast-paced digital era that we live in. Research shows that the companies who invest money into online learning can achieve around a 24% improvement in profit margins. A figure that certainly shows the investment is worthwhile.

Ask For Feedback

If you want to use an LXP to streamline your training process, it is always vital that you encourage regular feedback from your employees. Doing this will further enhance your learning platform to cater to your team’s needs. For example, you may find there is a demand for more interactive videos – because an LXP doesn’t push pre-determined learning content, you can add in this extra content yourself.

Using an LXP can be a new experience for some of your employees and, it can feel daunting. Encouraging feedback allows your team to ask you any questions they may have regarding the platform. It also shows your employees that you are invested in their learning as you want to know if there are any areas that need improvement. If you need some tips for building a feedback culture in your workplace, it is recommended that you conduct some online research as there are plenty of helpful resources available.


It is clear to see how an LXP can streamline your employee training process. By integrating new technologies, you can deliver learning materials that are up to date and engaging. An LXP gives your employees more choice, which they are sure to appreciate. It can help remove some of the pressure that comes with engaging in training programmes. Instead, the idea of training can become a lot more appealing.

Unlike an LMS, instead of pushing your team to follow a set structure, they can decide which learning materials they want to use to help them with their training. LXP’s are also easy to update. You can say goodbye to those outdated training manuals and deliver the training materials that your team deserve.

Sophia Anderson

Sophia Anderson is a blogger and a freelance writer. She is passionate about covering topics on money, business, careers, self-improvement, motivation and others. She believes in the driving force of positive attitude and constant development.