As ‘The Great Resignation’ – Securing Dream Careers has Never Been Closer to Reality

There are currently a record 1,247,000 job vacancies in the UK. With so many opportunities on the market, and employers bending over backwards to open doors for new talent, it’s no wonder we’re in the midst of what’s been dubbed ‘The Great Resignation’. With the job market so hot, the power lies with the workforce to cherry-pick roles, and carve out dream careers.

‘The Great Realisation’

A quarter of Britons believe that the changes to our usual working patterns over the past two years gave them the space and time needed to realise they were unhappy in their role, which has led an incredible 14 million to reconsider their employment aspirations.

As a result, thousands of adults are planning on re-entering the education system to pursue their “dream” jobs, we’ve seen this ourselves at Further Learning Group in application numbers with our British Academies of Interior Design and Garden Design witnessing a 21% rise in one year alone.

With so many stuck at home for a lengthy period across 2020 and 2021, setting themselves up at a temporary desk in the spare bedroom for months on end, it’s understandable that the need for more creativity and variation in their work has been unlocked as a result.

Now is not the time to let fear hold us back

For many, the prospect of changing careers is a scary, albeit an exciting, one. There are several reasons people choose not to act upon their dreams, for example: fear of failure, fear of what other people may think; fear of starting your career all over again, potentially with a lower salary, and the fear of not being good enough to make a success of it. 

Where all these fears are valid and understandable, the barriers that have previously held people back from pursuing their dream job are coming down, and perhaps only temporarily, with working from home still the reality for so many, and the opportunities to balance work and study, and learn remotely, more prolific than ever before. 

So surely now is the time to stop languishing in the same unfulfilling and uninspiring job and take the leap. Doors are more likely to open and starting salaries may be pleasantly higher than expected.

Seize the moment 

There are several ways to retrain for a new career. For many the best option is to stay in their current role whilst completing a part time course on the side, whether this be online, in person or a hybrid of the two. Those who have greater financial security could choose to leave their current job and commit to a full-time course. Further Learning Group academies, amongst others, offer a wide range of courses that fit around student’s specific needs.  

With almost all industries facing staff shortages, there’s never been a better time to retrain and chase your dream profession. It’s an employees’ market, so seize the moment and make 2022 the year you decide to make the change.

By David Willett, CEO at Further Learning Group