Choosing a Healthy Workspace

Creating a healthy workspace is vital for you to work successfully. Did you know that 1 in 6.8 people experience mental health problems in the workplace? Introducing certain features throughout your space would benefit productivity and increase overall happiness. 

The Health and Safety Executive website states that work related stress and mental health problems go together. It’s important to create either an office fit out or workspace that has exciting features to give yourself a productive mindset everyday. 

Be Greener

The environment that we work in every day will have a significant impact on your mental and physical state. Most companies and businesses invest in redesigning their offices to increase their employees’ moods, collaboration, and productivity.

From the biophilia theory, humans seek out connections with nature and the outdoors – which seem to promote wellbeing. So much so that one survey showed that employees who were surrounded by plants in their office experienced a 30-60% reduction in stress levels! Seek out spaces that have living walls and promote the idea of nature, calmness and growth. It’ll reflect in your mood. 

Even surrounding yourself with bowls of fruit will promote a healthier lifestyle; it will keep yourself energised with the ability to eat good food, stimulate the brain, and reduce the risk of catching a serious illness – improving attendance levels each week. 

A Place to Create New Ideas

The amount of collaboration that takes place in a workspace helps to generate ideas and productivity.

Collaborative spaces encourage discussion and teamwork that connect teams, facilitating a healthier environment. Collaboration rooms create an atmosphere that puts a step towards the culture that you want to promote whilst keeping your social mindset active. 

The space is an area to get away from your desk to either discuss or come up with new ideas, all in a different environment. So, having a space that can influence a stimulating mindset can enhance creativity and problem solving in your workspace.

Consider The Furniture

You might not know it, but furniture is a vital part of a healthy work environment. Being uncomfortable all day is going to make you unhappy. Having to move around all day is going to make you unproductive. Being surrounded by clutter, mess and uncomfortable equipment can lead to you not wanting to do your job properly.  These are small and subtle items but will make a world of difference to your work life. 

To ensure you’re avoiding back pain from sitting at an office desk and working at a computer screen all day, check that the equipment is functional just as much as it is stylish (we all have a tendency to go for stylish). Keep an eye out to find some hot desks and chairs, too. These will give you the opportunity to stand up or sit down whilst working and simultaneously provide you with the correct posture too! Some offices even offer stand-up desks! 

Make Sure You’ve Got Access To Light

Often pushed to the side when planning a workspace, is the lighting in the room. Natural lighting is one of the most powerful things that can help you reach your full potential. Placing furniture near windows and ensuring your workspace is bright will improve both focus and creativity.

Research shows that workers in windowed offices spend more time sitting at their computers than those in windowless spaces. Also, those who are challenged with more difficult tasks complete them 13% quicker if exposed to natural lighting. Open planned spaces are popular because they allow the light to flood the entire office floor. In your office, see if you can remove any obstructions to windows to maximise as much efficient work as possible.

A Healthy Workplace Is a Healthy Mindset

Many people across the world have recognised the importance of wellbeing, especially in the workplace. It can be argued that wellbeing is one of the main goals that workplaces want to improve as mental health is a vital concept that allows humans to excel at work. 

It benefits the employer and the employee in equal measure. If you’re happy in your current job, just looking to make some changes, you may want to mention to your boss that a happier workforce leads to lower staff turnover and higher productivity. If you’re scouting out a new role or workspace, use this article as your checklist to finding a space you’re going to thrive.

Sophia Anderson

Sophia Anderson is a blogger and a freelance writer. She is passionate about covering topics on money, business, careers, self-improvement, motivation and others. She believes in the driving force of positive attitude and constant development.