Practical Steps to Managing Remote Work in the Same Space as Life

I always wanted a corner office. How cool to have a corner office and to say to someone “close the door behind you.” That office would be filled with pictures of my family and have a view of a busy metropolis below. 

Fast forward to my reality. I have my own office, with a beautiful view of some crazy people outside doing weird things. It’s also part of my guest room. So no, it’s not the office I dreamt of, it’s so much better. 

I don’t think I really ever thought of myself as a “remote” worker since I worked for myself. I used to belong to co-working spaces (RIP The Assembly) and thrived off the energy of people, but alas it’s been an incredible learning experience to realize how well I thrive working at home in my own space. 

While many individuals got a taste of “remote” work, aka not working in an open floor plan with your workwife asking you to lunch or gossiping about your boss, for some it worked really well and for others it did not. 

If you’re here with me still working remotely, Fab Giovanetti, Marketing Consultant and Speaker at the Conscious Life Expo, shares her favorite things to think about when managing remote work in the same space as life:

Get dressed

One small thing that can make all the difference is getting dressed. It’s unlikely you are strolling into your favourite caf or office in your PJs. Getting dressed up is a small act that makes all the difference when preparing for work. If you want to work in your loungewear instead of putting jeans on, that is also totally fine, yet the change of attire (a la Beyonce, if you may), is a great little tip that changes your state and can put you instantly in work mode.

Set the mood with music

Get a good set of noise-cancelling headphones with a microphone or a headset. It will help you focus on the task at hand when the outside environment is too distracting. I am a big fan of Coffivity is one of the best music companions when working from home.

Physical boundaries

There are certain limitations, costs and demands regarding setting up a physical office space to be prepared to accommodate. However, this is where creativity can go a long way. You have to figure out the limitations of the room before you can set it up the way you’d like it. Is it a lack of boundaries? Space? Comfortable seat? Examples include a temporary wall or a moveable shelf to signal your family you are “at work”, just like a pillow fort, but for adults.

Make time for breaks

Since you are working and living in the same environment, it can often be hard to find ways to have healthy breaks during the day. A very simple tool that can help you is a timer. It helps me keeping track of my working hours and encourages me to take plenty of breaks.

Create a morning ritual

When do you know work mode is on? I believe in the power of creating morning rituals – to me, it all starts with a drink. Just like a true Italian, great coffee is the best way for me to start the day. A touch of oat milk, a strong coffee and I am ready to conquer the world. This is not just an indulgence, your brain will treat this as a habit that reinforces the idea that your workingday is starting just like it would be when you go to the coffee shop.

You can hear more from Fab Giovanetti at The Conscious Life Expo where she will be a part of the Manifesting Your Soul Purpose panel discussion.