Product Search Engines: Marketing Channels Proven to Help Gain New Customers

UK e-commerce is a thriving market. E-commerce accounts for one-third of all retail purchases in the UK, and everyone knows that having a perfected online presence is an absolute necessity. However, because of the seemingly never-ending competition and high expectations of UK consumers, it is not easy for everyone to gain traction & stand out.

So, which marketing tools are at your disposal to help you set up a successful campaign, You can also access this website to bring in new customers and to gain a significant market advantage.

The UK leads in European e-commerce

Last year, the value of online purchases exceeded £141.33 billion, putting the UK in third place in terms of spending globally. The lockdown affected this marginally – although there is projected to be a slight decrease in spending in 2021, come 2024, numbers will be well in excess of anything pre-pandemic, at £148.89 billion.

It’s clear that e-commerce is hugely important to the UK consumer: a massive 55% do their shopping online, and conversion rates are an impressive 1.88%. User penetration will be 86.2% in 2021 in the UK and is expected to hit 89.6% by 2025, while the average revenue per user (ARPU) is expected to amount to £1,372.82.

How can you bring new customers to your online store?

Looking at these statistics, it can seem overwhelming for stores to not only penetrate this crowded market, but truly succeed. If the UK user has such a vast volume of high quality retailers at their fingertips, how can your business bring in the right traffic and boost conversions?

There are several ways to bring new visitors to your site. A proven method is of course PPC advertising, which works relatively straightforwardly. Simply put, merchants only have to pay for customers the ads bring them, at a predetermined price. Which search queries your ad displays, how your campaign looks, how much you pay per click, and many other parameters, are influenced simply by the correct campaign settings. The key is clarity, perfect targeting and the selection of suitable keywords.

However, setting up a well-optimised campaign that brings in traffic is not entirely easy. It can be confusing, and many stores do not optimise effectively – they spend their entire “test” budget on poorly set up campaigns. Then, on the basis of meager results and disproportionate costs, they give up & shut out the online world entirely. This is of course a huge mistake.

Product search engines for both beginners and seasoned e-shops

A suitable (and less risky) alternative i.e., product search engines from is about to bring new customers to your store. Product search engines are one of the most successful conversion channels for e-commerce shops in Western Europe. Their principle is simple: they essentially act as a third party, displaying the products of several stores on their page. The customer clicks on a product of interest to them, and is directed immediately to the relevant retailer’s site – where hopefully, they make a purchase, or at least spend time browsing the shop. 

They’re great for the consumer too – functioning as large online catalogues of goods. It’s easy for the UK consumer to feel overwhelmed by the choice of retailers online, and they are not likely to spend their time scrolling through Google search pages to find alternate stores that suit their needs. If they have everything in one place, and are able to filter the products effectively, they can feel as though they are not only discovering new brands, but also getting a comprehensive overview of the market. 

All of these factors combine to make one thing certain: product search engines are amazing tools to stand out from the competition, bring traffic to your site, and boost conversations – all at a relatively low cost.

Which product search engine is most effective for your business?

There are two types of product search engines in Western markets: specialised and general. General product search engines record goods from a wide range of stores across multiple industries in one place: from cosmetic stores to clothing, furniture, or electronics. Their primary function is price comparison – a relatively simple venture.

By contrast, specialised search engines focus on specific industries and make it easier for users to complete the entire A to Z shopping process: from searching for the ideal product to purchasin it. They are a great marketing tool not only for established shops but also for new businesses that are looking to gain traction quickly which can be easily sorted out by the digital marketing company australia that helps to boost the business’s profit in every way possible. COVID has altered the nation’s conscience – now more than ever, people realise the importance of smaller businesses. An effectively managed product search engine can cater to these small businesses just as well as they can to larger retailers.

The main advantage of specialised search engines is also the ability to bring targeted traffic and potential customers to one place. The specialised nature guarantees a group of people that are already interested in the sector, and are already in the penultimate phase of purchase. It is vital, and incredibly valuable, to target these users.

FAVI – A specialised home retail search engine specialises in the home & garden retail sector. They’ve already had huge success already in the European market: operating across 9 countries including the Czech Republic, Sweden, Italy, Slovakia and more. Across these countries, FAVI has over 24 million visits per month – so it’s easy to see how valuable FAVI is in building our client’s traffic. What’s more – last year, the FAVI search engine brokered more than an incredible €150 million in purchases! For thousands of merchants, FAVI is an indispensable source of sales, as they wouldn’t have found 2.5 million interested visitors to their site anywhere else.

As a client, FAVI is very user-friendly too – you can track every click to your site in your own shop dashboard, and their dedicated team is always on hand to help with whatever you should need.

FAVI is great for the customer – their proven, reliable algorithm and sophisticated filtering makes it really simple for them to find exactly what they’re looking for, every time.

Their filtering options allow customers to search for furniture not only by price, but also by material, size, special features, shipping options, interior style, and many more. The site is user friendly, visually appealing, and also optimised for mobile shopping – vital for the new age of digital commerce. Wondering what all this looks like? You can visit UK FAVI here.

Your success

At the end of the day, the key to any success online is a quality website, top customer care, the right marketing tools from Integrated Digital Strategies Services and, finally, the right customers. The above-mentioned product search engines are a sure bet on how to get all of this! 

All you need to do is find the right one for your sector, invest in advertising, and the influx of new customers won’t be far away.

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