Why Manufacturing is the Perfect Career for Young People

In terms of employment, young people have been hit the hardest by the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic. With a large amount of 18-24’s out of work, job and career prospects are turning into a very hot topic in today’s society.

One career path that often gets overlooked within this generation is manufacturing. Over the years, manufacturing has suffered from a misconception that it is a somewhat dangerous, dirty and undesirable job to undertake – and that is simply not true. Despite this stereotypical perception, manufacturing actually offers individuals of all backgrounds an enormous amount of opportunity – particularly for young people. 

More importantly, the manufacturing industry is one sector that has continued to operate throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The sector as a whole, and the many industries it represents, were designated as being essentia. This makes manufacturing a strong choice for anyone looking for job security – something on every unemployed person’s mind right now.

Here are a few reasons why every young person should consider a career in manufacturing…

Manufacturing needs you

Due to no longer being a popular career option for young people, manufacturing and other STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) careers have suffered a skills gap as of late. This, coupled with the baby boomers beginning to retire, has resulted in the need for more young people to join the ranks and fill gaps in the workforce.

In short, manufacturing needs young people. And at a time when young people need secure employment, this is a match made in heaven. Organisations are keen to get a fresh minded and tech-savvy generation on board to help move their business forward.

Innovative and ever-changing

There’s no time to stand still and become stagnant in manufacturing. Innovation is a driving force and more and more companies are leading the way with 3D printing, cobots and augmented and virtual reality. Various equipment like Ultratech 1700 steppers are very crucial in several manufacturing facilities. Manufacturers of canned goods are also investing in more efficient equipment like a can seamer to boost their productivity. Even before the pandemic, manufacturing was rapidly evolving, and COVID-19 has forced it to change even more. Organisations need to be continuously moving forward, or they will get left behind the competition.

Technology has arguably been the biggest game-changer for the industry, and has also created the need for a skilled and highly-trained workforce. Technology has made things a lot easier for the manufacturing workforce, taking over dangerous procedures and speeding up assembly processes – but organisations need tech-savvy workers to really drive this.

Training opportunities

With a rapidly evolving industry, comes a wealth of opportunities. Training is a huge focus within manufacturing, so companies often run their own training programmes and structures. Whether you want to learn how to operate or program a new machine tool, or looking to get into sales, marketing, or drafting services – the opportunities are endless.

With a constant new stream of new things to learn, you can move forwards and sideways within a manufacturing career. Manufacturing companies also have a long and proud heritage of training and promoting staff internally, so you’ll often be offered the chance to progress within the same company. And if you want to move to different companies – even in different countries – your skills will be valuable almost anywhere.

The next big thing

Look around you – almost everything you see will have started life in manufacturing. This includes the everyday and the ordinary, but also the next big exciting development of our generation. Manufacturing is at the heart of cutting edge technology.

Depending on the area of manufacturing you choose to go into, you could become part of the team that develops the next supercar or the next spaceship. You could be part of the next groundbreaking vaccine. Never underestimate where manufacturing could take you.

Whether you are tech-savvy and great with numbers, have the gift of the gab and see yourself in a people-orientated position, or whether you prefer a practical role that keeps you on your feet – you’ll find all of this and more within the manufacturing industry. If you are in the market for the next exciting step in your life, discover what manufacturing can do for you.

Brenda Berg

Brenda Berg is a professional writer with over 15 years experience in business management, marketing and entrepreneurship. Consultant and tutor for college students and entrepreneurs. She is passionate about covering topics on career, self-development, writing, blogging and others.