Why You Should Use Microsoft Edge on Your Mac

Microsoft Edge is the new kid on the block when it comes to web browsers. However, that does not mean it’s any less than the old-timers on the market.

In essence, Microsoft Edge is a repurposed and redesigned Internet Explorer with a lot many functionalities and possibilities for its users.

In this article, we will cover why you should consider using Edge on MacOS as your native default browser.

Whenever you’re ready to learn more about this wonderful browser, keep reading and get your computer ready for the install.

Flexible Privacy

Web trackers on websites collect information on how you interact with their website. With this in mind, businesses can offer ads and web content that is custom-fit for your benefit. However, some web trackers don’t have the best intentions in mind.

Edge directly addresses both types of web trackers, good and bad. Unlike other browsers that eliminate all trackers, regardless of their purpose. Edge gives you 3 tiers of tracking defenses to choose from.

As a basic tier, Edge will block trackers they believe to be bad for you while allowing other trackers necessary for making your web experience more convenient.

With the balanced tier, the browser will block bad trackers and trackers from sites you have not visited. With more security enabled, you will receive less personalization when it comes to browsing the web.

With the strict tier, the browser will block practically all trackers on the majority of websites. Under this setting, your web experience is practically non-personalized. Depending on the website, it can also prevent you from logging in or watching videos.

Tab Customizability

When you open a new tab in your browser, you probably come across a boring page with links to your most commonly visited websites. On Edge, the tabs will welcome you with beautiful photographs of the earth’s nature scenes. There’s also an integrated search box, quick links, and news.

However, you can choose from three different layouts for your tab page, which makes things a bit more personal. Furthermore, you can customize your own layout entirely from the ground up.

Easy Setup

It would seem that a Windows-built browser like Edge would be disadvantageous to Mac users. But that’s not the case. It’s been developed with everyone in mind, and it’s very easy to setup.

Once you start your browser, you will be asked to import your settings from other browsers. For Safari, it will import your bookmarks, favorites, and history. For chrome, it will import your addresses, password information, payment data, and settings.

Edge for Mac is an amazing opportunity to use some of Microsoft’s experience in developing great software.


Microsoft Edge is available on many platforms, including iOS macOS, Windows, Android, iPadOS, and much more. Like you can sync your iCloud with Safari, with a Microsoft account, you can sync your passwords, settings, favorites, addresses, etc.

You can also sync your open tabs, history, and extensions.


Internet Explorer was the first browser to ever support extensions. From that point forward, practically all browsers have plug-ins available.

And because Edge is based on Chromium, you can install any of the extensions available on the Chrome Web Store and the online store from Microsoft. This cross-compatibility means you get to access hundreds of thousands of browser extensions.

Whereas, Apple Safari has several hundred in total at your disposal. That’s a big difference.

Reading Mode

Another feature that has been prevalent in other browsers (Safari) but is reimagined and improved in Microsoft Edge is reading mode. This mode allows you to remove all of the unnecessary elements of a webpage besides the images and text.

Everything like sidebars and ads disappears, you can read without distractions.

Page Annotation

This feature is not available on most competing browsers like Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. Edge allows you to highlight and draw on actual webpages live and then share the saved image in social apps and emails.

Of course, this can also be imitated by another browser via an extension, but that’s just one extra step you might not be interested in taking. Furthermore, extensions often get forgotten and become obsolete due to their security vulnerabilities and performance downgrades.

In any case, annotation can be done after the screenshot is made, or you can use live Edge annotation to showcase information during screen-sharing.

Automatic Updates

One of the greatest features of the Edge browser is the automatic updates. This means that your browser will ensure that you don’t get out of date, resulting in better security, mobility, and functionality.

Other browsers also have automatic updates, but they usually come later than Chromium-based browsers because they run in the background.

For some people this is a downside, so you also have full control over your update schedule so that you can decide when is the right time for your device to be renewed.

Private Mode In Edge

Finally, the private mode is similar to other browsers, but also different. Moreover, your cookies, history, and data do not save while using private mode.

When the privacy window is closed, all cache, history, and cookies are removed. Nothing is left on your device, nothing even traces of your browsing experience.

Technological Content for You

Now that you know why Edge is so great for Mac users, you are that much closer to installing the program and finding out for yourself. In any case, most browsers are very similar in performance and functionality these days. There are some outliers, but they try to mimic each other for the most part.

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