What You Need to Run a Coffee Shop

Esquires Coffee is a popular coffee shop franchise in the UK. It offers franchisees the chance to be part of an ethically responsible and well-known brand that is recognised for its quality and individuality.

Many of us have in our minds that dream job we would love to have. Whether it’s to make the most of a particular skill, doing something that brings joy to others or simply being in charge of your own working day, there are so many reasons why we want to pursue particular career paths.

For many people, that dream job is owning your own coffee shop!

While there are many more skills required than simply caring for what’s in your cup, it’s actually a great time to get into the industry, hence the rapid growth of coffee outlets across the country!

But what are the skills needed to run a coffee shop? We’ve highlighted some of the most important below.

1. Business Acumen

First and most importantly, you need to be a shrewd operator in the world of business. Ultimately, a coffee shop is just as much a business as anything else on the high street, so you’ll need smarts to make sure it earns enough to survive.

As with any business, getting your coffee shop off the ground is the hardest step. Many businesses fail within their first year, so you need to make sure you have a robust business plan that is backed by enough financial capital to get you through this early stage.

Beyond that, you’ll need to strike deals with suppliers and market your coffee shop to passers-by. 

Because of the difficulty of launching a brand new coffee shop, many people have chosen to buy a coffee franchise, which can deliver that sense of independence but with a much higher chance of long-term success.

2. Organisational Skills

Any successful business needs good organisation, but this is particularly important for coffee shops and other food and drink outlets.

There’s so much to keep track of on a daily basis, from perishable stock to new deliveries and potentially staff working hours and wages. Keeping everything organised isn’t just important for any legal requirements but will also make running your shop a much more enjoyable experience.

3. Teamwork and Leadership

You can’t run a successful coffee shop entirely on your own. No matter how big your ambition is, you’ll need some teamwork and leadership skills to make sure your coffee shop makes money.

If you have a small team, keeping them organised and motivated is crucial to your success. However, even if you work alone, you’ll still need skills to negotiate and develop relationships with suppliers and other businesses involved in your success.

4. Sociability

Finally, if you want to be the face of your coffee shop, you need to be friendly and approachable. Having good social skills is an absolute must, especially for smaller outlets that want to gain repeat customers.

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There are many more skills required beyond those outlined here, such as focus, ambition, financial skills, and not least your ability to make coffee! However, if you feel like you have a passion for coffee and the business skills to back it up, now is a great time to start your journey towards your dream job!

Sarah Landrum

Sarah Landrum recently graduated from Penn State with degrees in Marketing and PR. Now, she's a freelance writer and career blogger sharing advice on navigating the work world and achieving happiness and success in your career. You can find her tweeting on her coffee breaks @SarahLandrum