6 Reasons Companies are Moving Office During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has made businesses reassess how their office space is used—and the role it plays in business strategies, budgets, and staff morale. For example, many businesses simply don’t require the same amount of office space as they did before the pandemic hit, as staff have adapted to working from home and new roles are offered on a remote working basis.

Here we teamed up with Free Office Finder to identify 6 reasons we see an increase in office moving and why companies are looking for more suitable office space during and after the pandemic. If you decided to move your business, be sure to hire office movers to make it more manageable and perhaps rent a storage unit for your belongings while preparing your new office space.

For businesses contemplating a move during or after the pandemic, partnering with a reputable Commercial Moving Company in Delray Beach can streamline the process. These professional movers possess the knowledge and resources to handle every aspect of the relocation with precision and efficiency. From securely packing office equipment to transporting them to the new location, their expertise ensures a smooth transition for businesses seeking a fresh start.

Additionally, considering the logistical challenges involved, renting a storage unit can offer a practical solution for safeguarding belongings during the transition period. By embracing these strategies and leveraging the assistance of experienced movers, businesses can navigate the complexities of office relocation with confidence and ease.

Your current office is too big

Unfortunately, COVID-related redundancies across the country has been a deciding factor for businesses looking to downscale their floor space. Having fewer employees in a large office space is expensive and can decrease staff morale as they rattle around in a once vibrant and busy office.

A smaller office can still provide all the facilities that a business needs. There are many customisable office suites available across the UK with access to serviced facilities including meeting rooms, kitchens, and WCs.

You need the space, but want to reduce costs  

Zoom calls have become ‘the new normal’ for businesses in 2020. Many organisations are embracing the fact they can still host client meetings without the need to travel while keeping their staff safe.

The reduction of face-to-face meetings means that companies can move away from a location with a prestige postcode or an impressive reception area —which all come with a premium price-tag.

By transferring operations to a similar-sized office with fewer bells and whistles, operational costs can be reduced and the savings reinvested in the business. 

More people are starting up their own

Furlough and redundancies have provided an opportunity for many individuals to strike out on their own this year. Self-employment can be extremely rewarding, but not everyone has the space to turn a room in their home into a dedicated office—and some prefer to separate work from their home life. 

Renting a small private office is an ideal solution. Most offices are ready-furnished, with telephony and internet packages suitable for a small business owner.   

For those who prefer the buzz of a busier office, co-working spaces offer an open-plan office environment where workers share space with like-minded individuals. 

Some homeworkers really miss the office

At the start of the first lockdown, home working seemed very appealing. However, as we approach the new year, the novelty has worn off for many employees who feel isolated and are missing the co-working office environment.   

Others are finding mixing family life and working from home challenging, so some companies are providing local private office spaces to improve the mental health and morale of their staff as an alternative to working from home. 

Business is booming and you need more space

2020 has been a gloomy year for most, but some industries have prospered despite the pandemic. Technology companies buoyed by the work from home trend and online retailers offering lockdown essentials have been actively recruiting to keep pace with demand. 

To accommodate a sudden surge of staff, it may be time to look for a bespoke office space that caters for a larger enterprise. 

You want to provide a safe working enviroment

Working from home is not an option for some sectors—especially those who use specialised equipment that cannot be transported home.  In these cases, responsible employers are investing in larger offices to implement social distance measures.  Some companies are renting additional office spaces to split teams and reduce the number of employees in each building. 

Sarah Landrum

Sarah Landrum recently graduated from Penn State with degrees in Marketing and PR. Now, she's a freelance writer and career blogger sharing advice on navigating the work world and achieving happiness and success in your career. You can find her tweeting on her coffee breaks @SarahLandrum