5 Career Development Tips to Help You Flourish for the Future

We all want to develop in our careers, whether this is for financial reasons, knowledge or simply for a sense of pride. However, this is easier said than done. Without the right guidance in place, career development can be slow to progress.

Years of being stuck in the same position can quickly leave employees feeling deflated and undervalued and impact performance and leave them overlooked when promotions are being considered. This is where the value of CPD accreditation can make a huge difference.

CPD accredited courses can help individuals gain the knowledge they need to progress within their industries while also helping them stand out from other candidates. Below, we look at the top 5 reasons why anyone who is wanting to further their career should look into CPD accreditation.

1. Gives You The Latest Information

New findings, regulations and procedures constantly change throughout industries and it’s crucial to stay on top of this. Even if a sector is slow to evolve, new technology is always being created that can make a workplace more efficient.

Initial training or formal education can certainly provide all the knowledge necessary to commence a new role but this can become outdated swiftly and even business owners may not be aware of new ways to improve the organisation.

CPD courses always contain the latest information and are independently verified to ensure this is accurate. Many training programmes that do include the latest data incorporate this into training that covers the basics and could lead to wasted time reiterating something already known,

Also, those courses are transparent with their content and are available in varying lengths and skillsets, from quick bite-size courses that could be completed in a day, to lengthier ones that could take months and even years, there is always the perfect opportunity for any need.

2. Reignites Passion

An employee who has the right skills and knowledge to progress doesn’t automatically do so. If passion has been lost and attitude is lacklustre, these staff members are often overlooked for a promotion.

Business owners want to know that their senior staff feel strongly about the sector and get a buzz out of the industry and the business doing well.

Over the years, it isn’t uncommon for employees to become disinterested in their role, even if it was once considered a dream career. By undertaking professionally accredited courses, that much-needed passion can be reignited, initiating a new found love for the industry which will be reflected in daily work life.

Managers and business owners will quickly pick up on this and it will reflect highly positively in the individual. 

3. Scores Points With The Boss

Scoring extra points with bosses can always be a positive step when wanting to progress within a career.

While offering to do the coffee run or helping to train a new starter will always help, doing a course that is CPD accredited and relevant to the industry can be that extra push needed.

When an employee openly declares that they are undertaking a training course that will both aid them and the business while doing so on their own accord, managers will only see a positive side to this.

Offering to share this new-found knowledge with team members will show not just a dedication to their own progression, but consideration for others and a want to make sure everyone can perform as best as possible.

4. Gives Access To Experts

CPD accredited courses don’t just provide a way or learning, they also provide access to experts in that field.

This is great for any queries, questions or debates that arise during the learning process but the benefits don’t stop there.

According to my friend, who works at IQ Option Ecuador, access to these experts is not restricted once courses are completed, meaning an employee can pick the brain of these professionals whenever they need to.

When a problem arises in the workplace and colleagues can not create a solution, access to these experts can be incredibly valuable. They can offer impartial advice on how to rectify issues or help with a project.

Even if an employee declares that these ideas were not their own, this can still impress managers. By showing initiative and thinking independently to find an answer, even if it was from an external source, it shows great skills that can help get that promotion. 

5. Looks Great On a CV

Sometimes it is the best choice for an individual to seek a career in a new business. But with such a competitive job market, it can be difficult to get a CV to stand out from other candidates.

CPD accredited courses can make the difference and help secure a job interview. It shows that a candidate is actively educating themselves within the sector and is keeping themselves up-to-date.

It shows an eagerness to learn and can help reiterate knowledge to recruiters, especially if formal training, such as a degree or apprenticeship has not been undertaken.

It can also be a good basis for requesting a higher salary, leading to financial gain and growth.

For those who are seeking a career change, without prior experience in a new field, a CV can quickly be overlooked.

With training courses of a professional and recognised standard under the belt of a candidate, not only does it show they have knowledge in the industry but that they have passion for this field and have taken thorough consideration before taking the plunge in seeking a new career.

If you are struggling to progress in your career, these tips about continuing professional development can significantly help you boost your potential and flourish in the future, and show managers you are ready for progression. With no time limits to the courses, they can be completed alongside full-time work, while still being able to manage a healthy work, life and study balance.

Sophia Anderson

Sophia Anderson is a blogger and a freelance writer. She is passionate about covering topics on money, business, careers, self-improvement, motivation and others. She believes in the driving force of positive attitude and constant development.