Tips to Follow for Your Ecommerce Startup to Succeed

The eCommerce industry has seen quite a boost in recent years.

More precisely, within the U.S., the industry is worth around $400 billion.

People love ordering online; it is more convenient as they can browse for hours on end in the comfort of their homes. They do not need to worry about taking too long to choose an item to order.

They also have all the prices available, so they know what they are getting for their budget.

But there are currently a lot of eCommerce websites online that are battling for the number one spot. So how can you make your eCommerce startup shine a light with all this competition?

Get an EV SSL Certificate

EV SSL Certificate is the highest form of SSL certificate available. It passes through strict validation performance by certificate authority with third party resource verification as well business registration documents confirmation. 

This certificate helps battle issues such as phishing, by bringing the site operator’s verified identity front and center on the website. 

It can be used in all applications and websites that require stronger identity assurance and added trust, meaning your customers will trust that your website is legitimate and are more likely to shop from you.

As your page grows, it may be targeted by phishing attacks; this certificate helps you battle those attacks effectively, making the risks of eCommerce less dangerous.

Make your website unique by adding personality

Online shoppers adore good design when they visit websites, they love being surprised and astonished by the way a website expresses itself, and you can help your website stand out by applying this to it.

Most visitors will judge your website instantly by the quality of the design it is built upon, so make it appealing.

Make sure its adaptable and responsive, so it looks great both on computer screens as well as tablet and mobile screens. Try to add trust marks to make the product seem more legitimate and trustworthy.

Make sure your customers can get in touch with you quickly by making your contact information easy to find and visible. It includes phone numbers, emails and location.

It goes deeper than a simple design; some websites implement automated language change depending on the region the user is logging in from or even a switch to the currency that is used in that user’s country.

Also, you want to make sure to test your website as well, get people you know, and people you do not know to test the site, if they get lost, or if it breaks, you can fix it before making it public.

Incorporate social media elements into your website

Social media is the heart of any online business.

Your online reputation is going to be one of the driving factors of your successes. What people say about your website is essential, so get involved in the process.

A few ways to get involved is to put things like product reviews, ratings, testimonials and a log in an option that allows people to connect easily from other social media platforms.

Create a mobile app, optimally both on android and iOS

People have moved along to mobile and rely less on their computers. Having a mobile app can help as-well.

It’s an additional way for you to promote your eCommerce store because the apps will receive reviews and showcase how many times, they’ve been downloaded on the Play Store or AppStore. 

It means, if you manage to get it on the trending tab there, you’re bound to get a lot of new consumers into your eCommerce store.

Test your product, take advantage of analytics

Put your product out on the market even before launching an online eCommerce store to see if people like it. Alternatively, you can also connect with people locally or online and open a survey that explains the product to see if there is demand for it. 

Failing to provide a product that people need will be your eventual demise and lead to failure, so make sure you are selling something people want to buy. 

Marketing is everything: advertise effectively

Everything you attempt to do to bring your product to the eyes of your potential client is marketing. This can be the defining factor when it comes to making or breaking any online business.

Your eCommerce platform is simply a means towards acquiring your product, but how do people find it?

You need to advertise effectively and analyze where your customers are coming from. This way, you can ensure that you post more ads tailored towards the group of people that regularly shop on your platform. Convert your visitors into customers via different methods like A/B testing and more. 

An effective way of doing this is by creating an exciting story behind your product that you can pitch to journalism websites to push online through their platforms.

Another method is influencer marketing; you can send a sample of your product to online celebrities that have a follower base that would be interested in the kind of product that you are offering. The idea behind this is as follows: their fans would see them showcasing your product and be more interested in them.

You can also create video content that displays or explains your product in-depth, or in a fresh style that is appealing to your target audience, and in the process try to build a huge subscriber base that you can promote to later on as well.

Finally, make sure to set a clear brand vision.

Your story and the philosophy behind your product need to carry some meaning to the customers. 

In any business, you need to stand out from your competition.

Find your target audience and tailor your PR content towards their life views and desires, make your brand desirable to them, tailor towards their ideals and life philosophies, because brands that speak to people on an emotional level resonate more with customers that brands that do not.

Analyze your analytics to find out which community follows and buys your brand and target brand vision towards those people.

At last:

A successful startup requires expertise, smart management, firm leadership, valuable product, security and services. Moreover, you need to ascertain ever changing trend and test of customers. 

Besides, above tips, you can take into consideration for giving a great start to your ecommerce platform.

Brenda Kimble

Brenda Kimble is an entrepreneur and mother of 2 daughters and a son, plus their beagle named Duke! She loves blogging, crafting, and spending time with her family.