Tips for Organising a Hen Party Spa Day

Hen parties are one of the most important things in the build-up to the wedding – it lets the frantic bride-to-be relax and spend some quality time with her closest friends, whilst gearing herself up for the big day. With that in mind, it’s vital that her hens plan her the perfect day and with all of the rushing around she’ll have been doing lately, it might be nice to remind her what relaxation feels like with a tranquil a spa day (or weekend)! With these being such a popular hen party activity, you’ll actually be able to find specifically designed spa days for groups such as yourselves, so the day will be exactly what you’re after.

Check out our top tips for hen party spa days below for a bit of guidance and a few pointers on how to have the perfect hen do.

Pace Yourselves

We know it can be oh so easy to immediately start cracking open the bottles as soon as you set off on a hen party, and we’re not saying that you shouldn’t have a few drinks – it’s a celebration after all – but what we are saying is that these spa days are best enjoyed with a few glasses of bubbly, which is usually complimentary, rather than being absolutely mortal. Bear in mind, you’ll be doing a lot – between treatments, dips in the pool, or a chill in the sauna, you’ll want to stay energised and refreshed to make it through the day without feeling tired and dreary. Our suggestion is that you keep the drinks to a minimum whilst you’re out at the spa, it’s easier for you, the staff, and the group if you’re all still having sober thoughts. Don’t forget, you’ll most likely be heading out afterwards so you’ll want some room left for drinks when the partying starts!

You Don’t Need To Feel Self Conscious

One of many people’s biggest apprehensions when it comes to spa days is the thought of lying there whilst another person touches you – it’s understandable, but it’s really not something to be scared of. You can always talk to your masseuse before the treatment to ask them what clothing needs to be removed for the treatment, so you might even be able to keep your swimsuit or bikini on for the massage, but even so, you’ll have a towel around you so you’ll always be covered up. For facial treatments the furthest down that you’ll have to be touched is the bottom of your neck,   you’ll be able to just move your straps out of the way and keep your body in a swimsuit, then put your robe back on after your treatment.

Grab Plenty of Pics

This goes without saying, but if you want memories that last a lifetime, get a few pictures taken on the day – you could even get a member of the staff at the spa to take a group picture of you all to remember the day by. If you get enough good snaps, stick them all into a scrapbook for the bride and give it to her as a surprise wedding gift – with the frantic pace of wedding planning, it’d be great for her to have that hen party spa day documented to look back at in years to come! 

Krysta Jakson

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