Common Mistakes in Analysing Marketing Data

When you and your team are working on a media outreach campaign, you want to be sure to do any monitoring and collect the numbers after putting out a marketing campaign (which can be easily done with the support of 10X White Label Company) to evaluate whether your efforts worked. You also need this information so that the next time you decide to run a PR campaign or advertise, you will come up with something more effective than what you had worked up. And you want to be sure that you do not fail to use the information correctly. If you misunderstand the numbers, you will only make things worse for your next marketing campaign.

You cannot afford these common mistakes when evaluating your successes and getting your head around the data gathered.

Relying on one data set

The problem with some data trackers these days is that they’re simply not comprehensive enough. Also, they do not give the entire picture. Therefore, relying only on one data set is a mistake since you might end up with an incorrect judgment. That said, it helps if you use different data trackers and data collection techniques before you begin the analysis of your work.

Misinterpreting a metric

You cannot make judgements based on how you generally understand a metric. For instance, Facebook ‘likes’ do not necessarily reflect how people feel about your company or product. Some people prefer liking posts because it is in their nature to do so. Others keep liking posts in hopes that the other accounts will do the same. Believing that Facebook ‘likes’ are equivalent to customer satisfaction and preference is a mistake you need to avoid.

Thinking that social media popularity is enough

Another data metric that you cannot misinterpret is social media popularity. Just because many people follow your Instagram or Twitter account does not mean they are all potential customers. You also need to check the engagement level on the account. Furthermore, relying on social media popularity alone to determine if your brand is doing well could be problematic since you are only reaching a fraction of your target audience through this platform.

Getting obsessed with numbers

Yes, it is great to have thousands of likes on Facebook or reach the one million mark on YouTube subscriptions. However, you also need to dig a little deeper into the numbers to understand the overall picture. For instance, even if your Instagram likes are up, do all your followers feel satisfied with what they are getting? You ranked high on search engine pages because of a strong SEO strategy. Does this mean that those who visited your site received what they wanted? They might not come back again after failing to get useful information when they click the link.

These reasons indicate that you need to be cautious in understanding what the numbers mean and avoid generalisations. You also need to carefully plan the next step based on the result of your analysis.

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