5 Ways to Successfully Make a Career Change

Let’s face it, the job for life has went the way of the Dodo and isn’t looking like coming back any time soon which means it’s not only uncommon to have more than one job in your working life but these days many of us are having more than one career. Retraining and making a career change is not strange at all and unlike years ago there are a number of different ways we can make a living and also numerous ways to go about a career change.

Look For Alternative Roles In Your Current Company

If you work for a large organisation it’s always possible there are positions available in other areas of the organisation and it could be very possible to move around and retrain without even switching firms. This can be very attractive as you might have continuation of pension and have little disruption. You should talk to your boss or HR department and look at what retraining would be involved and if you can deal with any initial change in salary.

An Apprenticeship In Later Life

Most of us would think of an apprenticeship being something that’s exclusively for young people at the start of their careers but this is not necessarily the case. We see more experienced workers increasingly taking a career break to retrain, it could be to pursue opportunities in a new industry or even just to go back and take up an opportunity they wished they had done when younger. There is obviously a large step down in money available and you would need to calculate if this is workable for your family situation but the upside could be better in the long run.

Go Back To Study & Get Extra Qualifications

It’s true that sometimes not having certain qualifications can be a barrier to career progression and it’s not an uncommon strategy to go back and re-train or gain extra qualifications. It’s easier than you might think to go and return to study. Colleges and universities often see mature students as potentially being more dedicated students and it’s definitely worth going back. You can easily search for available HND Qualification online.

Consider Self-Employment

It’s true that self-employment as a way of making a living is on the rise with the traditional nine to five type job increasingly not the norm. Self-employment can mean so many different things though from a sole trader or freelancer to running your own business or company. The freedom you will have to run your own life and work the way you want is very attractive and suits many people these days.

Take On An Extra Part Time Career

Taking on an extra part time job is a good way of testing the waters. See if a change is really what you want without taking the risk of leaving your current job. The added value of the extra money would be really nice as well.

Heather Williams

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