Top Five Most Common Accounting Myths

Professional life starts with a lot of dreams, hopes, and enthusiasm. Similarly, fresh graduates possesses a huge amount of energy and determination to jump straight into the right place of work. But some old myths and clichéd stories still room around them regarding their chosen career path. 

Same goes with Accountants, they are highly criticised by the world, and not only do people degrade them, but also mislead them. So we can only question, Why listening to someone who himself isn’t aware of accounting career?

In order to find reality one must go through with these myths and their truths given at Roberts & Cowling.

1. The Computer Will Replace Accountants

In this era where technology seems like everything, people also gossip that soon computerised software will take the place of accountants and the services as you see it here. While in reality, it is wrong that inventions are being done to lessen the human burden not to take their job entirely. People can also discover here if they need the best accountants for accounting purposes. 

The software works with the command of human and it cannot plan strategies like most accountants do. Same as, a nonliving computer only assists the accountant for calculation and data analysing purposes, but it doesn’t mean that the work ends here.

2. Tiresome Work

Yes, every job requires hard work and long hours, similarly, accountancy takes time too. But trust this fact that it is not a boring task to work on constantly changing scenarios. Every time new challenges, new market, and new taxation laws encounter the real zeal. So, if one is highly passionate about accounting than this profession is worth the risk.

3. Numbers will be your life

Factually, it is more than just math or numbers, an accountant learns many other things too. This profession rules around some fundamental tax laws, data analysing and decision making. Same as if one finds fun in math than it is an advantage other than this already programmed software do much work.

4. No Social Life

It is clearly a myth, an accountant can have a good as well as balance social and family life. The truth is they standardly work 44 hours a week, which means 8 hours a day like any other 9 to 5 job.

In this manner, the accountants can manage their work life balance way better because they learn managing and convincing skills on the way of their career. Time to time they become better in communication and handling problems that simply means a better social life.

5. Women can’t do Accountancy

By the time the gender gap is diminishing, women are equally participating in every profession with men. Likewise, there are many successful female accountants presented around the globe, who are doing their jobs as equal to men. Most of the companies also  hire female accountants since they are better representatives and marketers.


Truthfully speaking accountings is a fruitful career, making higher scope day by day. From working litheness to high pays this working career has very good outcomes overall. So, stop believing in the clichéd stories and myths, and kick start the best possible way towards greater prospects.

Sophia Anderson

Sophia Anderson is a blogger and a freelance writer. She is passionate about covering topics on money, business, careers, self-improvement, motivation and others. She believes in the driving force of positive attitude and constant development.