Work It! Stylish Home Office Ideas To Boost Productivity

While it undoubtedly requires a whole lot of discipline you wouldn’t have to exhibit otherwise, working from home can be a worthwhile goal for some. Be it you work on a freelance contract or slaying, working as your own boss, knowing that you can stick to your schedule you made for yourself, having an office at home saves money for gas or public transport, takeout meals, which also means you’ll eat healthier, and ultimately lets you create your own day, every day. But you cannot do all that from your couch – at least not at all times –  to be productive and reach your goals on a daily basis…

What every person working from home needs is a well set up home office that will mentally prepare you for work every time you take a seat at your chair. If you’re uncertain how it should look and what it needs to contain, here are our suggestions.

Pick the Best Desk

You will be spending a lot of time at your desk. Make it work for you! Choose the best option you have available. Take the space you have into account, but also your own habits. Is your place minimal and clean, or do you need storage for tons of papers? Are you fairly active throughout the day and do you work out, so you can sit for eight-plus hours, or would you prefer a standing desk or a combination of both – a desk that can be both sitting and standing. Whatever you choose, make sure that your workspace blends nicely in the home for the overall stylish look.

Be Creative with Dividing Space

If you cannot afford a whole room to be your office space, that’s no problem, as long as you have enough space for a desk and a chair. But if you don’t live alone, or if you just prefer a state of mind where you know work is work, it can get challenging to achieve this in a living room or a kitchen. You can separate the office space from its surroundings by using a curtain, or a bamboo divider. When closed, these bespoke room dividers not only add a stylish touch but also create a distinct office nook, providing the privacy and focus you need for a dedicated work environment.

Style Your Walls Like a Pro

Sleek walls can make the whole look and feel of the room different, but you don’t have to hire painters to paint your office. An easy way to change the walls is to use wallpapers. You can play with colours and patterns. Just don’t forget that space needs to invite you to focus and work! A dash of inspiration is always good, but you don’t want to sit in your office and feel like you need to go to the beach.

Enjoy the Comfy Chair

Besides the desk, your chair is the most essential piece of furniture you have to choose wisely. It needs to be comfortable for long periods, but not too much, as you don’t want to fall asleep in it! It also needs to support your back well, because back pain is one of the truly excruciating modern age nuisances. Another great addition to the chair that you might not think of first, but then you find about it and have an Aha! moment is a chair mat. The mat is meant to be used on the floor underneath your chair, so it doesn’t move around and do any damage. You can find a range of materials online, depending on whether you have a carpet or hard floor – definitely worth checking out, as good quality chair mats can lengthen the life of your floor and prevent you from odd falls!

Let There Be Light

Good lighting for your desk area is crucial for all those late nights, but also on a cloudy day – or for all of us who cannot position our desks next to a large window. Invest in a good lamp or even overhead lights in neon white. With the right combination of a comfortable chair and good lighting, you’ll feel much less tired when the deadlines are tight.

Up Your Storage Game

Even if your need for storage does not get fulfilled by your desk, everything’s not lost. Cool office boxes with either funky patterns or a more serious style can function great for all your office contents in hard copy, together with stationary. Vertical files also work well. If you have the option of installing shelves above your desk, do not pass it! This extra storage works excellently to both let your desk breathe, and allow you to showcase any special books or nicknacks dear to your heart. After all, the workspace has to have a little personality!

Hide Your Cords

Even if your technology gear is minimal, you’ll have chargers for your laptop and mobile phone, to say the least. The more tech you use daily, the complicated and uglier the cord situation becomes. Hiding all these cords will make your space feel cleaner and more organised. There are plenty of cord storage solutions online, and some of them are really stylish, so find the one that fits into your desk best, and never get tangled in cords again.

Get Inspired – Or Just Get Work Done

An inspiration board is a popular addition to home offices, and the variations of it can be found all over the Internet. Just try typing it in Pinterest search! You can do it in a way that’s in fashion now, with cool photos, colours, affirmations and other things that inspire you. But if that’s not your cup of tea, you can hang a board with a calendar, to-do list, or just photos that take you back to a fun time. Just make sure that in the latter case you lay your eyes on the photos during the breaks!

Showcase the Real You

Some people function well in clean and sterile areas. But if you’re not among them, we guarantee that decorating your home office will help you feel – well, at home. You will consider this when choosing the wallpapers, rugs, but you can also add a framed photo, a funky pencil holder, or a souvenir from your honeymoon. Whatever makes the home office space really yours, works well to get your creative juices flowing!

Setting up your home office can be a stressful job, but only if you let it. Relax: this is the space that will obviously mean a lot to you because it’s where you’ll work hard to get the freedom for the rest of your day spent relaxing and being entertained. Do your best to love this space, and it’ll be easier if it’s pleasant to look at and spend time in. We wish you good luck!

Emily WIlson

Emily is a business psychologist with a passion for travelling. Researching, exploring and writing are her favourite things to do. Besides that, she loves music and animals.