How to Save Money When You Move to University?

Moving to university can be an exciting time for any fresh-faced student. You are about to take the leap of being a simple high-schooler into a young adult. Whilst this is an exciting time for any blossoming under-graduate, be warned that you are no longer living under your parent’s shelter, thus money may become more of an issue than you think.

Here are some ways to save money when the big day finally comes and you move to university.

Make sure you are prepared in advance for the big move

Whilst your parents can help you move your stuff in to your new student accommodation, there may be problems if there is just too much stuff to fit into their car, especially if you are planning on driving to a new city. Avoid money being wasted on gas for repeat journeys by taking all your stuff in one go.

This can be done by hiring out the appropriate moving company to take all you and your belongings to your new city. Be sure to compare the different companies that are willing to do this, by going to comparison websites like Compare The Man and Van, to ensure you get the best deal. After this, your parents can simply come down on a later trip to bring any forgotten essentials, or even just to stock you up on food.

Find all those sweet deals

It doesn’t really hit you how expensive essential things like toilet paper and food can be until you hit university, especially if you wanting to throw some fun parties to welcome in your fellow freshers and make some friends. Co-ordinate with your housemates to look online for some student discounts on food, drink, restaurants, house-hold items and even nights out. NUS, Student Beans and Uni Days all offer fantastic discounts on the things you need to settle into university life. All you need to do is sign up membership to them and then click on the discounts you find appealing.

Some cities even throw “student days” where entire shopping malls can have shops that become discounted and hold fun stalls for you to browse.

So be sure to write out a list of essentials for the week and search for the best deals!

Keep to the basics

With the looming shadow of student debt needing to be paid after university, it is best not to be too fussy when it comes to buying things for your house.

Instead of going for the top brands, why not invest in cheaper cutlery from Poundland or Primark?

At the end of the day, a fancy plate will still end up in the sink, so there is no point in splashing out on these items.

Those who live together, share together!

Don’t be afraid to discuss this with your housemates. Instead of splashing out on your own plates and food, why not negotiate who buys for the full household? This can be a fantastic way of buying the essentials whilst maintaining an orderly household. Just be careful your housemates stick to the rota, as this may cause some arguments!

Sophia Anderson

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