What We All Wish We Knew Before Starting University

The results are in and students have started their shopping for making the exciting move to university. Starting university can be a scary time but also the most exciting time of your life.

18-year-olds all around the UK are making the exciting move to university. This can be a stressful time for freshers, but in the next three years students will make friendships that will last a lifetime and have experiences that will shape their lives.

Robert Dyas has compiled a handy guide gathered from recent graduates of things they wish they knew before starting uni to help new students with their upcoming first year.

Do not panic

The most significant piece of advice is not to panic, although this is more easily said than done. Everyone is in the same boat and looking to make friends. A brilliant way in which to make to friends on the first day is to keep your door is open. This Owl Door Stop is ideal for creating a welcoming environment.

Your room

Make a home for yourself in your room. Let your space be the place that everyone wants to be, where the debrief happens after the previous night’s social event. Create a cosy atmosphere with the Gallery Teddy Fleece Throw. Also, add an element of fun with the Catherine Lansfield Flamingo Duvet Set or the Catherine Lansfield Scandi Geo Duvet Set.

Save money

Another great tip is to bulk buy the toiletries and cleaning products. It is these items that will eat away at your beer money. The Hush Triple Layer Toilet Paper is ideal for stock piling. Also the Dove Men’s Anti-Perspirant Pack will keep you smelling delightful throughout the term. For the girls, the Toni & Guy Damage Repair Shampoo Pack will revitalise your hair after all those nights of styling.

When you have to make that dreaded trip down to the laundry room the Persil Non-Bio Washing Powder will keep you covered for 130 washes. The Comfort Pure White Fabric Softener is ideal for creating a fresh homely smell in your room.


Another important way to save money is not to spend it all on books from your reading list. Purchase the key one and buy the remainder second hand online. It will save you money as well as space. It is also a great idea to get to grips with Google Scholar as it will aid in your research for essays. At uni you will spend an awful lot of time on your laptop and it is worth remembering that uni rooms aren’t great for electrical sockets, so it would be wise to invest in an extension lead. The Daewoo 10-way surge protected tower would be ideal.

Second year panic

Another tip is not to panic about who you will live with in second year as the houses don’t run out as quickly as you think. It’s better to make good friendships that will last whilst living together rather than enduring an awkward situation in second year. Also, when you do move into your second-year house, organise who is bringing what, as you don’t want to end up with a million knives and forks.  The Prochef 2-Piece Carbon Steel Frying Pan Set is ideal for those fry-ups after a messy night out. With the Sabichi Stainless Steel Utensil Set you will have every event covered.

Sophia Anderson

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