Are Side Hustles the New 9-5?

Before I get into the discussion of whether “side hustles” are or are not the new 9-5, let me clue you in on what they are to begin with.

“Side Hustle: is when an entrepreneur trials a perspective business idea without giving up their financial security from their day job.”

Now that we are on the same page let me break it down for you.

I believe side hustles are the stepping stones to potentially replacing your restraining, draining and/or creatively stifling 9-5, but they aren’t here to replace the ball and chain just yet. At least not immediately anyways. The entire purpose of a ‘side hustle’ is to allow an aspiring entrepreneur the freedom to explore business ideas, ideally with zero start-up capital.

Let’s be real, we’ve all got bills to pay, food to put on the table and heat to turn on. Very, very few of us who dream of being our own boss, can take the plunge and go into business for themselves without a 9-5 to sustain us.

It’s an innocent notion that life will suddenly be SO PERFECT if you could just work for yourself. It’s an uphill struggle, as is any job really, but here, you’re in it by yourself.

Sounds discouraging, I know. Truth is often tough to hear, and I want to give you the best advice possible, without the fluff. ‘Being your own boss’ sounds utterly romantic, but if you’re not careful the experience can end up thoroughly tragic. This is why I am such a huge advocate for ‘side hustles’. You get a taste of the entrepreneur lifestyle, the sleepless weekend nights, brainstorming sessions, setting up websites, pop-up shops and so much more and still have the security of your day job to bounce back on if business doesn’t pick up.

Oh, but what if it does well?! Well, congratulations darling for your dedication to making your dreams come true! It’s at this point you can determine whether you can take the risk of saying goodbye to your 9-5 and say HELLO to your ‘main hustle’.

This journey from a ‘side hustle’ to your ‘main hustle’ most certainly won’t be overnight. It’s easy to think it would be when we see uber successful YouTubers, Instagram influencers and other entrepreneurs in various other sectors make it big, yet it’s almost never the case.

Behind EVERY success story there’s a long struggle, dedication and the drive to make their dreams come true. If you don’t put in the work, you won’t see the results you’re looking for.

“I have no start-up capital even to consider a ‘side hustle.’ This is a statement I hear so often. It’s a common misconception that you need hundreds of thousands as start-up capital to consider a ‘side hustle.’  While there certainly are business ideas that do require you to have a hefty wallet yourself or secure a business angel investment, there are plenty that don’t!

Here are just some of the many ‘side hustle’ ideas you can undertake with very little to no start-up capital:

  1. YouTube Channel
  2. Dropshipping eCommerce Shop
  3. Instagram Influencer
  4. Livestream Gaming on Twitch
  5. Fashion, Beauty and/or Lifestyle Blogging

Every idea I’ve mentioned above simply requires you to create or curate the content and be consistent with it. With little to no start-up capital at all, you have the potential to earn good money with these business ideas.

YouTube Channel

With a YouTube Channel, you need to create content people will want to keep coming back to. With literally hundreds of thousands of channels fighting for attention, you’ve got your work cut out for you, but if you enjoy creating visual content and have the gift of the gab, YouTube is a potential money maker. You don’t need capital here. Just something to record with and we all have smartphones to get you started!

Dropshipping eCommerce Shop

Dropshipping is a bit more complex but doable for the right mindset. This venture requires a minimal expenditure on securing your website domain and online shop, but that’s all. You bare no expense on stock, storage because everything on your website would be shipped by 3rd party vendors. The reliability of said vendors and shipment timings are key aspects to consider, but if this sounds interesting, go for it.

Instagram Influencer

If you’ve got a phenomenal photographer, i.e. Instagram hubster or boyfriend, then this journey might not be so difficult for you. Destination images like sunny beaches, refreshing drinks and beautiful colours almost always seem to be central in any given influencers page. Not to forget gorgeously lit, glamorous ‘selfies’ and portraits are scattered throughout. If you love to travel anyway, even around your own city, give this a go. Beware! You start earning when brands approach you for sponsorships and this will only happen once you’ve raked in the followers. Go on girl, get clicking!

If you have a favourite body part that you don’t mind putting on display then social media is the place to do this. You might have a few foot pics that you want to get out there, so why not make some money from these. Use that amazing photographer you have to get in various positions and snap snap snap!

Livestream Gaming on Twitch

If you have a way with words and love gaming, then explore Twitch and its Livestreaming capabilities. Viewers tune in based on the games you play but stick around if they find your content engaging. You can earn money through donations your viewers would make if they choose to.

Not so bad, eh?

Fashion Beauty & Lifestyle Blogging

If you love fashion or beauty and have a unique way of writing, styling and like to model, fashion/beauty blogging could potentially be your saving grace. Build up your fashion blog with impressive posts and images.

Eventually, brands with big bucks surely come knocking on your virtual door!

Whatever ‘side hustle’ you choose, I wish you the very best of luck. I believe in you! Go conquer your dreams! 
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By: Mia Rose