5 Tips to Picking the Perfect Office Chair

It is always important to pick an office chair that suits you. Yeah, that comes without saying right? Sitting for long periods of time slaying in an uncomfortable chair can only cause a great deal of discomfort. Not only can it affect the quality of your work but it can increase stress in the back, shoulders, arms and legs. And no one wants that! So it is of utter importance to take into consideration these 5 points before buying an office chair.


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Comfortable material and padding

The choice of material and padding is a matter of preference and fit. However, it is essential that the material shouldn’t feel bulky and over padded. Whilst some people like a cushioned back others do not, but when picking the right material that suits you it is important that it does not get too hot when in sight of direct sunlight. Also, there should be enough cushions to support the professional when sitting in order for them to sit for long periods of time without their back feeling strained and sore.

Consider how much space you have

Office space is an important factor to take into consideration when buying an office chair. There should be enough room to move around as an office chair should encourage you to move in order to keep blood and oxygen flowing as well as giving the support your body needs.


A backrest should be included on an office chair as sitting for long periods of time without back support can cause a great deal of stress on the lower back.

Arm rest

An office chair ought to have an arm rest to support the elbows to prevent neck strain. They should be adjustable therefore you can sit comfortable with your shoulders relaxed. Arm rests should enable your elbows to relax but your arms and wrists should not be as you are typing.

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